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Running under Linux

Tried to run Perfect Player under Linux. I used: Ubuntu 12.04 wine (tried 1.4, 1.6 and 1.7) at WINEARCH=win32 winetricks To run the program it is need to be installed WMP10 (or 9). The best way to install it is … Continue reading

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Hardware acceleration

In order to play videos nice and smooth program attempts to use graphics card’s hardware acceleration. To check whether it uses acceleration press o key: Program can automatically detect hardware acceleration abilities for Nvidia and AMD cards. But for some (mostly … Continue reading

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Perfect Player 1.0.8 released

Change log: Added MKV subtitles selection and rendering. t – select next subtitles. Added has subtitles and more than one audio tracks info icons into info panel bar Added RTMP, MMS, RTSP, RTMPE, MMSH, HTTPS protocols handling in playlists. Added playing … Continue reading

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Keyboard shortcuts

Key Action left, right IPTV: previous/next channels group FILES, PLUGINS playing: small seeking up, down, page up, page down move cursor FILES, PLUGINS playing: big seeking enter select item (play) x stop space pause/play i show/hide playing info bar EPG … Continue reading

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Generating playlist and EPG for XBMC

If you want to generate a playlist or EPG for XBMC then in Properties window: Specify resulting playlist file for XBMC (XBMC playlist) Specify the file in which final EPG will be written (XBMC EPG XMLTV file) – with the extension … Continue reading

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Video reviews

Initial IPTV settings (in English): Basic usage (in Russian):

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Perfect Player 1.0.7 released

Change log: Project now has it’s home! Home page link changed to Show backgound image when not playing. New splash with dark background. Added playback options settings in channels table popup menu (deinterlace, aspect ratio, zoom) to make video … Continue reading

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