Amazon removed Perfect Player from appstore

Unfortunately, Amazon decided to remove Perfect Player IPTV app from Amazon appstore.

Thus, we do recommend to install the latest app version from APK: Perfect Player
You’d need to use “Sideload” method for this.

We’ll continue to improve our software and are very grateful to all the app users.

Also, we are going to add some new “Full version” features in upcoming versions for Amazon Fire TV users for free.

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57 Responses to Amazon removed Perfect Player from appstore

  1. Jeff says:

    Amazon is such a horrible platform for streaming media players. Always throwing wrenches into shit

  2. Gil says:

    So what do we do now I have paid for it via both google store (shield) and amazon for my fire, if I download it from your link will the paid feature be unlocked? Thanks

    • nikman says:

      I guess, you can still use the app with Full version while it’s installed on your device.
      Otherwise, Full version on Fire TV device is only available when install the app from Amazom appstore. As long as, Amazon removed the app from their appstore that’s not available. It’s not our fault or desire. Hope, you can ask Amazon for refund.

      As was mentioned in the post, some new “Full version” features will be available for Fire TV users in upcoming updates.

      • Gil says:

        To nick man so I installed the latest apk on the amazon fire 4k and got into sideloaded but I can activate the full version I have paid for both the google store and amazon one- I understand the amazon issue, but anyways to get the full version for fire tv amazon users? Since we have paid? Perhaps by using an email link to validate? Thanks

  3. Steve says:

    Tried yesterday to download it from this page and it wouldn’t work…. even when it is successfully installed on a firetv device it won’t populate on the home screen or in ” recents” and can only be launched from inside settings and then managed installed apps….

    • RMC459 says:

      Same here, it’s not on home screen. I made a huge mistake and uninstalled the order version to use the newer, not it’s gone!!

      • RMC459 says:

        When I followed the link above it downloaded on to my Amazon tablet but the fire stick😣

  4. I have the same question as Gil.

    • nikman says:

      Please, read the reply.

      • Jeremy Williams says:

        the ads are moderate but still intrusive. for those of us that have paid for the full version perhaps even more than once (as i have), an ad free version of the app should definitely be available. maybe i can extract the installed app, surely i will need to factory reset eventslly.

        • Jeremy Williams says:

          eventually *

          • Devon says:

            Curious, why can’t you supply a link to adfree for those of us that paid? You could host on Google Drive and only share with that email or similar. I’ve purchased other apps outside of Amazon appstore that were full versions to avoid ads. It is possible if you choose to do so.

  5. Andi says:

    Will there be an option to get an ad-free version on FireTV?

    • nikman says:

      Currently, it is not possible. In the future, this will depend on the circumstances.
      Ad in the app is very moderate, it is made specifically to minimize the inconvenience.

  6. Stuart says:

    Could I ask for some clarification for those that have the app installed. Will this remain installed? And if so, will it continue to update?

    • nikman says:

      The app will remain installed unless you uninstall it. However, this will not be updated from Amazon appstore as it’s not listed there.
      You can update to the latest version from APK, but this will lead to lost of Full version.

  7. Joe mac says:

    It is not showing on the home page have to go through manage installed apps to launch it after side load. Is there a way round this

    • Marc says:

      Hopefully there is a fix for this in an upcoming update. I have installed lots of things on fire 6th generation and they all appear in home screen. Perfect Player is the only one that doesn’t.

      • nikman says:

        Probably, because they are all listed on Amazon appstore.

        • Marc says:

          Definitely not the case

          • nikman says:

            Was it on Home screen when installed from Amazon appstore?
            Could you sideload v1.4.4 from APK to see if this will show up on Home screen?

          • Marc says:

            I’ve just put onto it and it still won’t allow to put on the home screen. I did notice that manage storage was automatically set to allow however. Previous versions were set to deny.

  8. Marc says:

    Rolling back to 1.4.4 won’t work as it just asks me to update then closes down at the first opportunity.

    • nikman says:

      You’d need no uninstall newer version first.
      To transfer current app settings among versions you can use “Settings->Defaults->Backup/Restore settings” feature.

  9. Serge says:

    Ive had the same issue as the app disappears from home screen and apps on Fire TV. I have to go to Applications > Manage Installed > Perfect Player > Launch for it to work. Rolling back to 1.4.4 doesn’t fix this, as the app completely disappears after any type of sideload. Any other sideloaded APK shows up no problem.

  10. Joe mac says:

    Found a solution, download appstarter. apk side load it open it and all your apps appear. This is an alternative to fire home screen

  11. Dave says:

    Hope this gets addressed soon – just bought a Fire TV on sale not knowing about this issue. If it isn’t fixed within the return time, the Fire TV goes back. I have 2 Firesticks that are working fine (PP installed before Amazon’s dumbass move) and have no desire to switch to an alterative app.

  12. sean sanders says:

    Hi All, for the homescreen issue, go to Settings – apps – force close the app store – settings – account – resync your amazon accounts – restart. give it a minute and the app will be back

  13. Marco says:

    Also I have paid the full version on Amazon Store, and i’m tired for this issue.
    I think it would be correct for the users who paid, the developer would provide the full apk.

  14. Hector says:

    I have a question regarding the app perfect player I have already asked Amazon who said only the owner of the app perfect player has not taken out the app anymore. will this never happen again at the Amazon store? Thanks in advance

  15. Omer Abbasi says:


    Could you please add a fire TV shortcut in the next APK update so that the app appears in the front page. Quite a long winded way of running it at the moment


  16. MrNawtee says:

    Since it appears I am unable to update to the full version on my Fire Stick. Could someone please indicate whether the removal of this app from Amazon would cause or affect my EPG to no longer populate? I’m guessing my subscription has expired since I am now seeing ad’s being populated.

  17. ShaVerZ says:

    If I reset my Firebox V2, will Perfect Player still be in My Apps as I’ve already purchased?
    Surely Amazon wouldn’t fully remove it but I assume it depends on how many purchases were made via the Amazon AppStore Platform, if only a few, I’m sure they would and refund but not if it’s 1000s which is very likely…..

    • nikman says:

      If you reinstall the app you’ll definitely lost “Full version”.
      However, you’ll be able to “sideload” it from APK.

    • Akitadad says:

      if you go into settings – applications – appstore, scroll down turn “hide cloud apps” off…. it should still show on your device even though not installed… just did this with a FB2… it is however an earlier version (not the newest update)
      side loaded the latest (after deleting old version), works perfectly with 3 different providers added… just does not show on home screen, you need to go into settings – applications – manage installed apps and launch from there

      • Akitadad says:

        just to add, I have now installed the appstarter app and i’m really impressed… PP does now appear on main page and it’s a lot cleaner and easier to navigate between your apps than on normal FTV home

  18. john6969 says:

    I just bought a new firetv and same issue I slideloaded newest version and it wont show on homescreen but can launch from manage apps. Has anybody figured out how to fix this? if not can I clone one of my older firetv?

    • Akitadad says:

      do a google for appstarter, there is a really good video explaining it, and where to get it from… just installed it myself and really happy with the results

  19. iptv says:

    Could I ask for some clarification for those that have the app installed. Will this remain installed?

  20. Steve P. says:

    If you want to make it simple to install on Fire devices please subscribe to using FireDL and a code. If a user has FireDL on their phone they can punch in a code and the latest PP install will happen on the Fire device. Of course FireDL needs to be installed on the Fire device also.

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