Android version 0.6.0 released

Change log:

  • Perfect Player can connect to IPTV data server.
    On Android: You can get playlist, EPG, logos and the ability to request playlist update right away by specifying only IPTV data server address in Settings.
    On PC: To activate this feature select IPTV data server enabled checkbox in Properties (restart needed).
  • Different overlay is used for smoother and antialiased video playback.
  • Player shows busy status when seeking.
  • Useful for devices with small screens:
    • Added big controls panel. Toggle the pannel with the two fingers touch.
    • Improved input controls.
  • Playlist and EPG can be specified both as URLs and as local files.
  • Added window with details of the selected EPG program: channel name, time and date of start, time and date of end, category, description. Categories and descriptions are available only when using XMLTV EPG file format. To show EPG program details press i key or i button.
  • Added preference Reset to defaults in Settings: reset settings, purge internal logos directory and delete internal files (playlist, EPG, played URLs).
  • Release all resources on program exit.
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6 Responses to Android version 0.6.0 released

  1. mar fegte says:

    which playlist format?
    I tried to add in m3u format, but not uploaded playlist

    • nikman says:

      Make sure you do not mistype the playlist URL or playlist file path. Enter it in the Playlist preference in Settings. If the problem persists, please, send me your playlist or URL.

  2. Tete La says:

    I came across the android app and I downloaded it. Its a pretty neat app and can go places with it

    I couldn’t get my selected Electronic Program Guide to work or the channel logos to load but I will try again with it tomorrow

    The App don’t use a playlist unless it is the original download site. so it doesn’t seem to recognize “” short url which is used for security purposes, so I had to enter my dropbox link directly. maybe you can sort it so it take tinyurl or shorten links

    Also it doesn’t play RTMP, RTMPE, RTSP Stream, only HTTP streams are working

    EPG –
    Channel Logos –

    • nikman says:

      Currently, logos can be loaded only from a local directory or from IPTV data server (PC version of Perfect Player).

      I’ll try to figure out what sort of “redirection” these sites are using.

      Thanks for your feedbacks!

  3. Tete La says:

    ok… but in the meantime, work on the files that the player can play most streams ( rtmp, rtmpe, rtsp, mms https and http )

    keep up the good work

    • Tete La says:

      a stream like the following example will not work on this app

      #EXTINF:-1, A&E
      rtmpe:// playpath=rtmp:// pageUrl=!25 token=#yw%tt#w@kku timeout=10

      but if its formatted like the following example will work

      #EXTINF:-1, A&E

      I need an epg to show channels from the usa, can someone help me out?

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