Android version 0.7.0 released

Change log:

  • Added XSPF playlist format support (downloading, loading channels with groups and EPG matching, downloading logos).
  • Added udpxy (UDP-TO-HTTP proxy) support.
  • Added Font size preference in Settings. All OSD elements are scaled in accordance with font size. Available values: small, standard, large, extra large.
  • Added Russian and Ukrainian localizations.
  • Added smooth scrolling for media list and other OSD windows.
  • Added ability to swipe media list left/right to:
    • IPTV: change channels group
    • Files: walk through directories history
    • Plugins: switch pages/series seasons
  • Added descriptions for some preferences in Setttings.
  • Need to restart message appears when appropriate changes have been made in Settings.
  • Fixed issue: when media name is too long that text bitmap can’t be drawn.
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16 Responses to Android version 0.7.0 released

  1. Tete La says:

    will test it out and get back to you

  2. Hi.
    Firstly, thanks for the player. This is the first (except xbmc) IPTV with integrated video player. all others use external players and it is annoying.
    I am using mk808 with finless 2.1 rom. I have problems with hd channels. Player warms up my CPU so the device overheating and shuts off. It is totally ok with sd channels. I have attached fan and now CPU is cool and I can watch hd channel, but it’s still laggy and sound is not synced with picture. MX player runs hd channels smoothly…even without fan. It seems that some optimization should be done. Do you know if it is possible to to change some setting in android, so hd channels will run smoothly? Or should I wait for new release? Perhaps some hw processing would be required.

    • nikman says:

      It’s much depends on device firmware.
      I guess, we’ll try using some other media libraries later. Maybe it will have better HW support on some devices.
      So, stay tuned this site as Perfect Player is no longer on Google’s Play Market due to Crimea’s sanctions.

      • Tete La says:

        I find the program works well with android devices that have the RockChip
        I have tested this program with 3 types of android devices
        a stream like the below link will work with the rockchip android device without any issues


  3. wonslung says:

    Download link for 0.7 isn’t working

  4. kibo says:

    Thank you for the android version, it works great. I just have one question: will it be possible to use more than one EPG source in the future?

    • nikman says:

      Probably, we’ll add this ability later.
      But EPG processing is hard task enough for the Android devices.

      As for now, you can use PC version to setup any channels list configurations. Thus, you can add several playlists, EPGs, set EPG and logos mappings, etc. And use PC as IPTV data server for Android devices to fetch configured channles list, EPG (containing programmes only for your channels – faster EPG loading) and logos right from PC.

      You can read here setup details – link

  5. guru22 says:

    I try perfect player , and it is work fine for me on my android devices, nice skin , but I have one problem
    How add more m3u channel lists in player without pc , every time I must edit my m3u list if I want watch something else, I’m not always able to use my computer
    tkanks for reply

    • nikman says:

      You can make united playlist (by PC version, for ex.).

      If I’ll find elegant way to specify several playlists and EPGs on Android I’ll add this feature then.

      Thank you!

  6. Tete La says:

    also you can save your m3u playlist in your dropbox and let it download the file from there. each time you update the file in your dropbox file, refresh the perfect player and you good to go. that process takes only 5 seconds

    • Kris says:

      c’est justement ce que souhaite. Mon fichier m3u se trouve sur ma Dropbox. Comment configurer perfect player pour charger la liste qu’elle est la procédure ? La copie du lien Dropbox ou se trouve mon ficher ne fonctionne pas. Quelle est précisément la configuration de perfect player?

  7. Dee Jay says:

    Hi, this great IPTV software than ever for android!
    But this need some features like play streams:

    Complex RTMP

    rtmp-rtmp://$OPT: options

    rtmp://$OPT:rtmp-raw=rtmp:// playpath=ef18hollywood swfUrl= live=1 pageUrl= conn=S:OK live=1 token=SomeToken

    XMTV player can play this stream, you can see the description here:

    If you can add this feature in this player please?
    And please add option to change time zone for EPG source.
    And add option for more epg sources and playlists.
    Waiting for your reply.

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