Android version 0.7.5 released

Change log:

  • Added: automatically downloading supposed logos for channels without logos.
  • Added: Download supposed logos preference in Settings.
  • Added: automatically taking EPG URL and EPG format from M3U playlist if it wasn’t already set before (url-tvg tag at playlist’s header).
  • EPG JTV format processing optimizations (much faster loading, less memory usage).
  • Added: loading tvg-name tag without quotes for M3U playlists.
  • Bugfixed: EPG loading improved (EPG matching for all channels).
  • Improved playlist, EPG and plugin’s pages downloading: following redirects when net protocol changes. Widely used by URLs shortening sites like
  • Added support of all Android 4.x versions.
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6 Responses to Android version 0.7.5 released

  1. Tete La says:

    currently testing…

  2. Yeldrin says:

    load m3u from sd ?
    example multiple epg from m3u, please

    • nikman says:

      Example file path to load playlist from sdcard (path depends on your device): /mnt/sdcard/Download/playlist.m3u

      In m3u playlists can be specified only one EPG source.
      Currently, to use several EPG sources on Android you can use PC version. One way is to use PC as IPTV data server. Another way is to generate united EPG by PC version and use it on Android then.

  3. Yeldrin says:

    Thank You,
    Congratulations for the great work.
    You may translate it into Spanish. Thank You.

  4. Micka says:

    no work for rtmp ?

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