Android version 0.8.5 released

Change log:

  • New feature: GUI visual Themes:
    • Sky (default theme)
    • Velvet (new blue/orange theme)

EPG (Velvet theme)

  • Added: Theme preference in Settings.
  • Added Portuguese localization. Thanks to mar fegte!
  • Added Greek localization. Thanks to Chris Markeas!
  • Added using true (immersive) fullscreen mode on Android 4.4 KitKat and above.
  • Bug fixed: Improved applying aspect ratio and zoom settings at video playback start.
  • Bug fixed: Improved loading deinterlace and aspect ratio saved values for IPTV channels at startup.
  • Bug fixed: Subtitles handling fixed when using non-native player.
  • Bug fixed: Improved audio volume handling.
  • Bug fixed: Very thin and low images rendering with locked aspect ratio (mostly affecting logos).

We would appreciate for help in creating localizations. It is quite simple.
Please, contact

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2 Responses to Android version 0.8.5 released

  1. Tete La says:

    I am enjoying this upgrade, was testing it for weeks now.

    can you make the default video ratio for all playback 16:9, since that’s the ratio most modern televisions are set to.

    Otherwise, the app is working well, the sky wall paper is lovely

    here is an idea (is there a way you can allow the app to load ustvnow streams? allow a plugin and once a person enters their ustvnow username and passowrd, it automatically loads the channels the person has subscribe to. ustvnow gives a person seven channels for free)

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