Android version 0.9.5 released

Change log:

  • Added Italian localization. Thanks to Erminio D’Onofrio!
  • Added multi playlists support (user can add any number of playlists in Settings).
  • Added EPG assign mode – ability to setup channels to EPG mapping in-app:
    • Enable EPG assign mode option in Settings.
    • In channels window instead of EPG programmes there will be available EPG channels list.
    • Use left/right keys to switch previous/next channel in channels list.
    • User can assign EPG channel by selecting it from the EPG channels list.
    • To restore default EPG matching select channel (with EPG channels list closed).
    • Disable EPG assign mode option in Settings when EPG assignments are done.
  • Added Autostart at bootup option. When it is enabled in Settings program will wait for network availability for 30 seconds (useful with Wi-Fi connections).
  • Added PluginIPTV support. This plugins are for proper settings handling of specific IPTV providers. See plugin at Plugins page.
  • Added build-in ability to create special Prefect Player editions for specific STB/Broadcast providers.
  • Added Upload logos assignments to Niklabs ability in Settings. Eventually, this will help to improve default logos matching. Please, do it after logos assignments finished.
  • Added notification of a new version available.
  • Improved EPG programmes rendering, mature memory and performance optimizations.
  • Improved M3U playlist parsing:
    • tvg-logo tag can be specified without .png extension.
    • If tvg-name or tvg-logo tags are not specified channel name used instead.
    • Set current group title for channels if group is not specified.
    • Added #EXTGRP lines parsing.
  • Up/Down keys now switch next/previous channel.
  • Fixed: Logos assign issue caused when channel name start with non latin or non cyrillic letter.
  • Fixed: URL converting issue when udpxy server is used.
  • Other small fixes.
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8 Responses to Android version 0.9.5 released

  1. Tete La says:

    each installment of this program is unbelievable. I have created my own playlist and use this app with my android tv box like it was my personal digital cable setup

    making all the stream to default at 16:9 would be great

    The ability to secure the settings with a password would also be nice. you would be able to lock the settings incase your android tv box is located in a public place ( shop, bar, cafe, store)

    • nikman says:

      You can set 16:9 aspect ratio in video options window and select Save as defaults. After this all channels with default aspect ratio will have 16:9 value.

  2. bahri derin says:

    This is the best player.
    Can you making a favorite funktion in this player?
    Thank you

  3. cvxcvx says:

    Hi. Tag tvg-id suported?

  4. cvxcvx says:

    Hi. Please fix tag tvg-name.
    tag tvg-id working, but tag tvg-name nothing not show from epg.
    tvg-id and tvg-name is difrent tag

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