Android version 1.0.0 released

Change log:

  • Added Chinese localization. Thanks to 6Hzzz!
  • Added playlists selection feature to select playlists which channels need to be shown.
  • Added URL duplications resolving feature.
  • Added Favorites feature for channels and plugins.
  • Plugins and updated to support Favorites feature.
  • plugin parsing improved.
  • Added PIN code setup in settings.
  • Added entering to settings through PIN code (Hotel mode).
  • Added setting locked channels which can be watched through PIN code (Parent control). Access granted for 15 minutes after last locked channel playback started.
  • Added media list menu. Menu key or button in media list title when channels or plugin’s media list is showing.
  • Channels list menu items:
    • Main menu
    • Show/hide EPG/EPG list/logos list
    • Add to/Remove from favorites
    • Lock/unlock channel
    • Show favorites/all
    • Select playlists
  • Plugin’s media list menu items:
    • Main menu
    • Show/hide additional info
    • Add to/Remove from favorites
    • Show favorites/all
  • Added bitmapped subtitles support (only when Use native player option disabled).
  • Left key operates as Recall function to play previously played channel.
  • Fixed: Themes Sky and Velvet swapped.
  • Fixed: Trying to download EPG on manual refresh action (if it wasn’t already downloaded on today).
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7 Responses to Android version 1.0.0 released

  1. Tete La says:

    I have tested this new installation of the update, you have totally outdone yourself, this is a real perfect player

    thanks for everything

  2. Mickie says:

    Nice one!!!

  3. justin says:

    Hi Im tryin to lock channels but they still load. Is there any instructions on how to do it properly

    • nikman says:

      Just set Settings->GUI->PIN code. Locked channels keeps unlocked some time after last PIN code entered.

  4. Pablo says:

    Hello Nikman, do you know why every channels are looping after 30 second?

    Thank you,

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