Android version 1.0.7 released

Change log:

  • Added French localization. Thanks to Olga & Igor Bochet!
  • Added and improved special IPTV provider’s configuration features:
    • Centralized clients configuration administration on provider’s side.
    • Additional settings group with user subscription parameters (Username, Password, Streaming server, Package, etc.).
    • Auto playlist generation.
    • Predefined EPG sources and logos configuration.
    • Custom provider’s background wallpaper. Can be changed when needed.
    • Showing message notification from provider to clients.
    • Other special features.
  • Improved channels list items and logos rendering.
  • M3U playlists:
    • tvg-logo tags can contain logos URLs as well as local files.
    • Added url-logos tag at #EXTM3U line to set base logos URL. If this tag is set then tvg-logo tags will be added to base logos URL for downloading.
    • Added tvg-shift tag at #EXTM3U line to set default EPG shift in hours.
  • Playlist auto update starts on 12 hours after last playlist update.
  • Added saving last selected channels group on app exit.
  • Fixed uploading logos assignments to Niklabs.
  • Fixed individual channel/stream video options lost on stop action during playback preparing.
  • Other fixes.

UPDATE 27.05.2015:
Fixed fatal issue, when app cannot start with Use native player option unchecked.

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13 Responses to Android version 1.0.7 released

  1. ali says:

    i didnt find the option for changing the video ratio?

    • nikman says:

      During playback press on Camera button. Then in video options window select correct aspect ration, zoom mode, etc.

  2. kibo says:

    Hi! Thank you for developing such a great app!
    Are there any plans on introducing the option to show more information for each program? For example, the info that is in the tag (and/or , , , , , etc.) in the EPG xml file when it is available. It would be nice to have such info if it is not too complicated to implement it.

    • kibo says:

      Eh, it seems that html tags are not possible in the comments. 🙂 I meant the desc/sub-title/credits/date/episode-num/rating tags etc.

    • nikman says:

      You can see detailed EPG info (programme category and description) by pressing Info key/button when channels list with EPG is showing.

      • kibo says:

        Oh, Thank you! I must have missed that feature since I rarely use the mouse mode on my device

  3. Zaur says:

    Hi, I have a m3u playlist in the following format:


    #EXTINF:-1,ATV AZ**

    And it switching between channels in XBMC works faster, however in the android version 1.0.7 of your application it takes approximately 8-10 seconds to switch the next channel. Is it possible to do it faster?

    • nikman says:

      You can try to uncheck Use native player option in Settings (need restart). Channels switching could be faster, but video playback is not so flowless as it uses software codecs.

      • Zaur says:

        Thanks, it works more faster if to uncheck mentioned option. Is it possible to manage fast channel switching and good video playing in the same time?

  4. Migel says:

    when it freezes u have to change channel to unfreeze please fix overall its amazing!

  5. nanmer says:

    Where is this at?Additional settings group with user subscription parameters (Username, Password, Streaming server, Package, etc.)..

  6. nanmer says:

    How can we add or pay you to add a logo to the background of this app? Can we pay to get a customize version of this please? Thank you.

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