Android version 1.1.0 released

Change log:

  • Added new theme Satin.
  • Added extended EPG info in channels list in Details view mode.
  • Long press on Ok/Enter key acts as Menu key.
  • Other fixes.

Satin theme

Details view in IPTV mode

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18 Responses to Android version 1.1.0 released

  1. Lawrence says:

    ok cool, but as long as it plays only a quater of the existing streaming formats, what good is it?

  2. JAG says:

    I have two questions:
    Is it there an AD FREE version?
    When will this support USER-AGENT feature?

    • nikman says:

      1) Upcoming versions will have Unlock Full version option to disable Ads.
      2) User-Agent for what kind of network requests do you mean: streams playback, playlists/EPG downloads, plugins?

      • Dee says:

        I’m having the same problem, I do have RK3188 Android box and it just wont play streams with User-Agent, like:
        #EXTVLCOPT:http-user-agent=stagefright%2F1.0+%28Linux%3BAndroid+2.2%29, while other media players play the link just fine.
        Props on a great job anyway, I hope you guys fix highlighted problem.
        Thank you!!

        • Dee says:

          It works only If I uncheck use native player option, but them streams playing through mx player which I am not huge fan off. i like your Perfect Player way way better.

      • JAG says:

        Streaming playback, there some online channels which need useragent to be played.

  3. zakk says:

    thanks for this great application
    can you please add this feature to the application : Ability to auto-reconnect to streaming server when connection is closed or lost unexpectedly.

  4. Brapen says:

    Hi Nik,
    I do have a box CS918 RK31SDK and everytime I’m trying to play streams with the NATIVE PLAYER ticked on, it just wont play any stream which starts with http-user-agent but if I untick the NATIVE PLAYER streams with work but kind of chobby, our of sync. When I have ticked NATIVE PLAYER, what player am i trying to use so I can update it or whatever, I am confused if you can let me know. thankS.
    ps.: the NATIVE PLAYER plays all other streams fine, beside “http user agent” streams

    • nikman says:

      When Use native player option checked it uses playback capabilities of the device. It is recommended option as it can use hardware acceleration and playback is very smooth here. Firmware updates and alternative firmwares can change behavior in this mode.
      When this option unchecked it uses software decoders which can support more videos formats but playback can be no so smooth with FullHD videos. We will work on improving software codecs.

      • Tete La says:

        I find that rtmp streams aren’t working with the 1.1.0 It worked well with previous versions. I had to resort to 1.0.5 since I find that version plays everything.

        1.0.7 don’t work well on all RockChip Devices, it will work well with the rk3188

        • Brapen says:

          Where do we get the previous versions of Perfect Player?

          • Tete La says:

            well fortunate for me I had them saved since I have been following this development from inception of the android apps

          • Brapen says:

            Is there a way you would upload them somewhere the previous versions, please?

        • nikman says:

          I don’t think it may depends on app version. Rather, it depends on firmware updates.
          You can try it with or without Use native player option checked.

  5. Tete La says:

    My apologies Nik; the 1.1.0 Version is working on my system now. I factory reset it and rloaded it. Its working perfectly
    Sorry about that folks…

  6. ddon says:

    Will this work on kodi?

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