Android version 1.1.2 released

Change log v1.1.2.5:

  • Fixed startup crashing issue on some devices (Amazon Fire TV, Xiaomi box, maybe some others).
  • Other bugfixes.

Change log v1.1.2:

  • Bugfix: Possible app crash at startup on some systems.

Change log v1.1.1:

  • Added Serbian localization (Thanks to Gojco Bozic).
  • Improved Chinese, Italian and Portuguese localizations.
  • Added Unlock Full version option in Settings to disable Ads.
  • Added changing channels/seeking videos with left/right swipe, and changing volume with up/down swipe.
  • Added opening popup menu with long press on channels/plugins window.
  • Added auto-reconnecting to streaming server when connection is closed or lost unexpectedly.
  • Added the ability to change GUI language in Settings.
  • Added app exit confirmation dialog.
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23 Responses to Android version 1.1.2 released

  1. barano says:

    The app (v.1.1.2) is crashing on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
    but the version 1.1.0 works really good šŸ™‚

  2. Livebox Q says:

    I have some problem with this link udp://@ it’s always play without sound. But VLC is ok. Pls help me to solve it. Beside that, I can’t play the link with rtmpe:// thanks
    I’m using android box, and control by remote, it’s lag when I change channels.

    • nikman says:

      You can play with Use native player option in app Settings. However, we are working on software codecs improvements.

  3. Livebox Q says:

    It always choose with Use native player when I install new app. but still situation.

  4. alex22 says:

    the auto-reconnecting option doesnt work for me !! or i have to use the paid version to unlock this option? thanks for this app šŸ™‚

  5. Liridon says:

    Last update, keep crashing too often. I hope you guys are aware of the problem, so you can fix it.

  6. JAG says:

    For some unknown reason, when some channel fails (for example: not loading or when Im watching and fails), none of the channel load again, so I need to restart the app. Im using an amazon fiteTV stick and the lastest app version.

  7. JAG says:

    Hi nik, I have some requests for this app.

    Will you upload the app to amazon fitetv appstore? So we can buy the app to have no adds.

    And can we have 12 hour format in the time right-down?

  8. Tushi says:

    Why there is no parental lock in the new version

    • nikman says:

      The last version has parental lock feature. Setup PIN code in Settings and set locked channels in channels list.

  9. Alexey says:

    Wrong time at pc and android version. 1 hour back. Where is time settings? I need to set up ect +3, at android minsk and the sme on pc.

    • Alexey says:

      Sorry, i used Minsk time zone for Moscow, and have problems with epg/ TimeZonefixer and all became good) Thx for great program)

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