Android version 1.2.0 beta6

Change log v1.2.0 beta6:

  • Improved HLS streams playback stability.
  • Added Change volume by left/right keys option.
  • Long left/right keys press to select previous/next EPG programme.
  • Added Cp866 encoding support for EPG JTV format.

Change log v1.2.0 beta4:

  • Added new bundled codecs implementation with HW decoder for smoother playback.
  • Added User-Agent support.
  • Added Vietnamese localization.
  • Added 12 hours time format support.
  • Restoring last channels list state (Favorites/All) at startup.
  • Added Play last channel at startup option in Settings (Full version feature).
  • Improved logos and images visual appearing.
  • Bugfixes.

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22 Responses to Android version 1.2.0 beta6

  1. Liridon says:

    Not yet in google play….

  2. barano says:

    No volume control for Fire TV.. πŸ™

    I’m waiting so long for it.. πŸ˜€

    version 1.2.0 beta4 works, but i can not activate last channel at start up.

  3. barano says:

    what is User-Agent for? and how can i use it?

  4. alex22 says:

    thanks for the hw decoder, but the app responding slowly to the remote control and the remote control stop working if the distance over 9 feet

  5. alex22 says:

    the batteries are too expensive πŸ™‚ ,
    what is the HSL streams playback ?

  6. barano says:

    Thank you for the Change volume by left/right keys option
    it is really good πŸ™‚
    Maybe you can add Mute by long pressing the Ok/Enter key as an other option.

    and now the bugs.. πŸ˜›
    sometime the TV chanel stop sending, the screen is black for a sec and then you are back on the chanel list.
    The EPG don’t work. If I add a file.xml then you can read “epg downloaden” (71 chanels) but nothing happens.
    can someone test the EPG?

    • nikman says:

      This means that 71 EPG channels linked and loaded, but in EPG file no data for the current date and time to show. Try to use up-to-date EPG source.

      • barano says:

        Thanks, I have found the problem
        The EPG file starts one day later (someone has changed it) -.-
        so when I update the file I have to wait one day then it works

  7. Doctor Who says:

    Very good piece of software! The faster Android IPTV player around…
    Can I suggest a couple of improvements? The ability to remap buttons (for instance, swap up/down) and, to me very useful in VOD streams: REW/FF with left/right buttons…
    Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

  8. Vasili says:

    Hello, how about DD/DTS 5.1 pass through SPDIF/HDMI? Now only two channels (pcm stereo) available (last version)

  9. Vasili says:

    with “Use native player”

  10. Vasili says:

    Unfortunately, this is not possible in this device (Rombica Smart Box Ultra HD V002). However, the KODI player allow to customize the output DD/DTS 5.1 pass through via HDMI/SPDIF and it works great! Is there a possibility in your player to realize this function, as in the rest of your product I like a lot more.

  11. Xhoan Lee says:

    can you please offer some your softwear with no adds, as it once was (paid or not paid version) and why do not we have a direct link download, as I hat to use google play and their tracking of all my activities

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