Android version 1.2.11 released

Change log v1.2.11:

  • Added ‘Android TV’ support
  • Improved playback stability and performance
  • Fixed crashes
  • Fixed deinterlace
  • Added Arabic and Albanian localizations
  • Other improvements and fixes
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36 Responses to Android version 1.2.11 released

  1. JAG says:

    Thanks for adding Android TV support!! I was about asking for it.

    I have a suggestion about Android TV icon, why is it not the same as always, I dont really like the app saying all these words.

    Another one, can you please add an indicator when channel is buffering? Sometimes when the image freezes I dont really know what is happening.


    • nikman says:

      Please, explain what do you mean about Android TV icon?
      When stream is buffering, there is ‘cycling circle’ in info bar instead of ‘play’ icon.

      • JAG says:

        I mean, I prefer the icon for Android TV to be the “P” only.

        I think ot looks a little ugly (my opinion).

        About the indicator, when Im watching something and the stream freezes because its buffering, there is no indicador.

        Can you please add that cycling circle when buffering?? or a text saying “Buffering…”

        I hope you understand now. Thanks

        • Barbo says:


          I agree about a icon in Android TV. I think it would be better for some less text, like PP, or PPlaayer, IPTV PP,,,

          • nikman says:

            Please, show screenshot.

          • Hi, when I add a playlist, dont match as native decoder, and with software there is problem with voice, and software the channel is in a bad quality.

            but in the last version was the resolution “perfect”

            can i get back my old version :p?

          • nikman says:

            Select proper Decoder type in Settings (Native/Hardware/Software) to get best playback experience.

  2. peppe_sr says:

    good morning, i haven’t installed new version i will do tonight. what do you mean for android tv?

  3. Michele says:

    Wonderful app, but the pause don’t work very well, after 5 minutes of pause, if you click play after some seconds the channel freezing. Please pause/timeshift is useful if it is 60 minutes of recording channel using SDCard or folder choice.
    Thanks for useful app…

  4. Michele says:

    On demand channel is not possible fast foward or rewind… It’s useful jump 1,3,5,10 minutes with Right or left button.

  5. herosam says:

    Thank you very much to make a good program.
    I really like this APP

    A few Suggestions for improvement

    1. Can add the backup setup function?
    Because PICON set very troublesome, to install the new version to reset.

    2. Support simple address format.
    Example:channel name, connection address
    MBC HD,p2p://
    SBS HD,p2p://

    3.Comparative lack of help.
    In particular, how to use the plugin to help

    Thank you very much!

  6. George says:

    How to use the TV remote commander in order to browse the internal storage and select a playlist file?

    • nikman says:

      Press “Back” to cancel entering playlist path manually. Then move cursor to the right to “Folder” icon.

  7. I can’t play this link on Sony 43W800C, Pls help us to solve this problem, thanks

    • nikman says:

      This playlist seems working fine. Some streams (protocols) could not be played with Native Decoder (depends on device). But Hardware and Software modes should work.
      Also, some streams in this playlist is UDP. So, you probably need to setup UDPXY on your router to play them. And set UDPXY address and port in app Settings.

  8. Bruno says:

    This app is absolutely the top for IPTV!
    I have the android registered version and I like it very much.
    Cherry on the cake would be the Chromecast support!

  9. Antonio says:

    hei sergei! i’m having some problems with a couple of new channels.
    It plays and every 3 second there’s a microlag that you wouldn’t even notice if it happened once per hour, but it happening every 3 seconds makes it impossible to watch.
    I’m using an amlogic s812 box with android 4.4.2
    I tried editing msaa, force gpu and refresh rate settings. With IPTv Extreme (another iptv app with native player) this problem doesn’t happen.
    It happen the same while watching those channels with kodi on pc (it doesn’t happen with VLC)
    Thank you! you’re kind as always and i really appreciate it.

  10. Alex says:

    Hi, I am using a m3u playlist from a server that checks for a kodi user agent string in order to block out normal web browsers. Unfortunately, it blocks out also Perfect Player. Could you add an option that allows Perfect Player to transmit the kodi user agent string instead of the string it is currently using.

    Here are some examples of kodi user strings which I found here and more specifically here

    XBMC/9.04-beta1 r19616 (Linux; Ubuntu 9.04; Linux 2.6.28-11-generic;

    XBMC/9.04-beta1 r19639 (Windows; Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 build 2600;

    XBMC/9.04 r19840 (Mac OS X; Darwin 9.6.0;

    XBMC/3.3-DEV-r31572 (Xbox;

    • Alex says:

      I forgot to add that I am using the paid version of the Android App.

    • nikman says:

      Is it requires User-Agent for getting playlist or for playling streams. For the last, you can set User-Agent value in Settings (Playback section).

      • peppe_sr says:

        you wrote for the last (so only “for playling streams”) and if we would to get playlist? sorry if i’m here again with same request.

      • peppe_sr says:

        sorry mate, with the kodi user agent works like a charm also to catch the playlist.

      • Alex. says:

        Apparently in my case the website requires a Kodi User-Agent setting in order to get the playlist. (That is my best guess.)

        I want to get the playlist form or or and it worked until a couple of days ago. Now something has changed and it does not download via Perfect Player nor via the Chrome Browser. However, it works with a download manager (Turbo Download Manager)

        I tried to set the user agent to
        XBMC/9.04-beta1 r19616 (Linux; Ubuntu 9.04; Linux 2.6.28-11-generic;
        XBMC/13.1 but id did not work.

  11. Tete La says:

    anyone looking for a playlist that updates feel free to use this one ===>

    It has ADULT CHANNELS; so you can block them with your updated Perfect Player App

  12. Franco says:

    Hello. Just bought the app to support development. I just have one (small) request. Can you please add a button to quit the app? or if you press twice in a row it quits? I know that if I long press exit shows a quit menu but I have that long press for something else. Most apps when you press exit once shows “press again to quit”. Thank you

  13. Joe says:

    I just tried a playlist http://xxxx/yyy/movies/NewxxMovies.txt (not real address for security purpose) with the format below but its not loading/populating any list. It works well with kodi.

    Creed (2015)

    Home Invasion (2016)

    Backtrack (2015)

    • nikman says:

      Don’t know which playlist formats you are using (seems like plain text format), but you can convert it to M3U format to work. Probably, some simple convertor apps already exists.

  14. JAG says:

    Hardware/Software decoder are not working on Android TV Nexus Player, they Force Close!!

  15. Can says:

    Hey, I have a wetek play. On FireTv Stick this app works good but on my wetek the native mode crashes, hw mode just play Sounds and on sw mode Its unwatchable.

  16. How do you block the adult channels on android app so they don’t appear in the epg so my kids don’t see them

    • nikman says:

      If you need to lock a channel, then set cursor to this channel and select “Lock channel” option in channels list context menu. Also, you need to set Settings->GUI->PIN code.

      If you need to hide EPG info for selected channels, you can assign another EPG channel for them by means of Settings->Advavnced->EPG assign mode.

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