Android version 1.2.13 released

Change log v1.2.13:

  • Added VOD playlists support:
    • Set VOD checkbox in playlist’s settings
    • Select VOD item from the Sources window
  • Added seeking ability for VOD channels
  • Added Notify of an EPG programme feature:
    • Use long pressing of Left/Right keys to move cursor to the expected EPG programme
    • Select Notify of a programme option in channels list context menu
  • Added Search channel feature
  • Improved auto-reconnect function
  • Handled RC keys: Ch+, Ch-, Recall, Guide, Zoom Mode, Audio Track
  • Added Slovenian localization
  • Fixes
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26 Responses to Android version 1.2.13 released

  1. Damir says:

    Hi Nick.

    Great, Thanks…

    One thing….

    VOD… i have mkv files that have 4-5 subtitles types ( softcoded) and i cant choose any of them..

    Any info?

  2. Rick says:

    first of all, thanks for the app… I use it with amazon fire tv stick and runs good only in Hardware mode. Is it possible add buffering mode? Tks

  3. Suzy Jameel says:

    can you import or export setting between pc and android like logos etc..

    • nikman says:

      You can use PC version of Perfect Player to setup your playlist, link EPG and logos and then sync with Android version of Perfect Player.
      On PC you must set ‘Enable IPTV data server’ checkbox. On Android you must specify PC’s IP-address in ‘IPTV data server’ preference in Settings.

      • Karlos says:

        in what format does Perfect player PC version deliver the data to Android version. is it a single config file?

        • nikman says:

          You may get both M3U and XMLTV generated files – set exporting files in Properties.
          In case of using IPTV data server, there is spectial network protocol to sync playlist, EPG and logos to Android.

  4. can u guide how to add number of IP address and port in udp link? I didn’t know how to set it. thanks

  5. Luke says:

    Nik this app is really useful and cool. Excellent job!
    Is there any chance in future to be able to play VOD backward and forward?
    It would make it a perfect app.

    • nikman says:

      Version 1.2.13 already has VOD support. You can seek VODs by Left/Right keys or tap by mouse/finger in timeline.

      • Luke says:

        Yes you’re right. I’m not English and i didn’t know seeking means “playing backward and forward”. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

        Anyway I got a little problem.
        I’m using your app on my Android TV Box, which works with kitkat 4.4, and when I’m putting my playlist URL if I select the VOD checkbox I get no channels. The app notifies me that it downloaded 0 channels.
        The only way to get channels is to unselect the VOD checkbox, but doing that I can’ts see VOD.
        Any idea about the cause and solution of this issue?

        • Luke says:

          I’ve just realized that even without selecting VOD checkbox i can see VOD.
          I have a doubt: which is the purpose of the VOD checkbox if I can play VOD even without selecting it?

          • nikman says:

            Read change log.
            If you have playlist containing mostly VOD streams you can set VOD checkbox and will have special VOD presentation. Select it in Sources window.
            Also, you can seek VOD videos directly from IPTV channels list.

  6. Oba says:

    Serch Bar in the VOD section would be nice!

  7. gotovanko1s says:

    Awesome program! I can’t find how to make 4:3 programs into 16:9,talking about android version.

    • nikman says:

      During playback click on ‘Video camera’ button – select needed video options there (aspect ratio, zoom mode, etc.)

  8. gotovanko1 says:

    Thanks for the fast answer! Now this player is my first choice i wish it can work without kodi.Im using bulgarian bulsatcom and take playlist only when bgaddon genesis generate m3u file

  9. tunii says:

    how to install your apk on firetvstick? is there any tutorial? please answer i got firetvstick and want to use your app on it

    • nikman says:

      Here is the link in German. Guess, you can try to contact author of post to get answer in English.

    • barano says:

      1. you have to download ES Data explorer (on amazon just search for it)
      2. go to and register
      3. Download PerfectPlayer-1.2.13.apk on your PC and paste PerfectPlayer-1.2.13.apk to dropbox
      4. start ES Data explorer and go to
      dropbox –> login
      5. Download PerfectPlayer-1.2.13.apk from dropbox and install
      6. have fun 🙂

    • barano says:

      or you can do this:
      1. you have to download ES Data explorer (on amazon just search for it)
      2. download and install WinSCP to your PC
      3. start ES Data explorer and go to
      remote- manager
      4. on the right you can see ftp link
      5. add this link to WinSCP and don’t forget the port
      6. now you can paste PerfectPlayer-1.2.13.apk to your fire tv stick flash

  10. tunii says:

    ok thx . another question . i want to buy the new generation of sony tv. they have android tv included. if i follow these steps on sony tv with android will iam able to install perfect player too ? i mean installation with Dropbox.

    thanks iam waiting your answer.

    • nikman says:

      Android TV is supported natively – Perfect Player can be installed on Sony TV right from Google Play Store.

  11. tunii says:

    Can somebody confirm perfect player on firetvstick works stable with no lag? is the 1gb ram enough ? how is switching channels ? fast or slow?

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