Android version 1.2.8 released

Change log v1.2.8:

  • Full Version purchase fix

Change log v1.2.7:

  • Greatly improved internal EPG implementation
  • Immediate EPG showing on app startup or playlists refresh
  • Added new default EPG download case: Download if no data on current date
  • Added full RTL (right-to-left) languages support
  • Added Hebrew localization
  • Added virtual (screen) remote control to simplify controls when using mouse or fingers
  • Other improvements and bugfixes
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28 Responses to Android version 1.2.8 released

  1. Antonio says:

    Hi nik, I’m struggling with the epg. a lot (almost the entire day). I’m using an Italian m3u list with rytec epg. the m3u is a local file perfectly edited with the tags xmltv id 100% matching to the epg file, which is a remote gz file (from vuplus community). I checked the epg with an XML editor and it’s finely written and correctly updated. The problem is that just 109 channels on 176 get the epg data and I can’t get why. according to a forum the gz file is working. I tried uninstlling and reinstalling the player (android box), renaming the m3u and downloaded the gz file but nothing worked. (it used to a couple of days ago). you’re great and your app is majestic. if you could help me with this issue yo would be my hero

    • nikman says:

      You can use EPG assign mode (in Advanced settings) to see which channels is linked to EPG.
      Also, you cen send me playlist and EPG and I’ll take a look.

      • Antonio says:

        Yes, I did it but the channels are already correctly matched with the epg, so it didn’t work as well. thank you so much nik, tell me where I can send you the stuff and I will

          • Antonio says:

            As suggested, I removed all the XMLTV tags in order to let the application match channels and EPG with the Name and not with the tags, and fixed the few remainings with “manual epg fix modality” of PP. Still a couple of channels (max 6) are not matching though, but it’s way lot better. Thank you for the app fix proposal, i can’t wait for it. I wrote the solution here so that if someone else has my problem will know how to fix it. You’re great guys, kind and fast!

  2. Kimmi2001 says:

    I suggest record function and fast foward or bookmark for ondemand videos.
    Pause fuction how many time long?
    Wonderful app… Regards

  3. says:

    The fast forward function will be really amazing for the VOD content. I am havomg some isuues with native player and HD channels. When I unclick it, it becomes more stable but it takes about 10 seconds for the channel to work- I am using .7 version. Just dowloaded this update and will give it a shot, as it should resolve the epg issue.

  4. yxyx says:

    and another issue with epg: I am using three epg sources, and for some reason, after first installaton of one or two days, the epg of only one source shows up, Happy new year bros

    • nikman says:

      Try to activate “EPG assigne mode” to see channels EPG matching for different EPG sources.
      Also, you can select proper download case for specific EPG sources.
      Use latest version.

      • yxyx says:

        bro: if activate EPG mode, I will have to add channels individually, one by one (and yes there us more than one epg for most channels, but usually name/is is written differently). Problem is: I do write my own xml file. and it matches 100& the epg source/s. After I do a clean new Install, everything works. But after about one or two days, epg does not. The EPG id is writeen mostly differently. Usually it should not be a problem. I am using your latest version. 2. I tried it on another apk, and it works properly. If there is a way, I can send you an m3u file with my epg sources, and you can see for your self.

        • yxyx says:

          and if there a way to send you the files privately, I will. so that you can have a look at them

          • yxyx says:

            just sent you an email with details m8. Thanks. 2- Can you please consider adding fastforward and rewind features to your player for VOD. -3. just if it is possible: when I use a portal from xtrme codes: many infos over the VOD section shows: like year of issue, and a description of the movie with the actors and so on. Is there anyway to let your player read these too from a panel like Xtrme codes. Thanks

          • nikman says:

            Check e-mail.

          • yxyx says:

            I have sent you a reply.

  5. Antonio says:

    hi guys! may I make a request for next version? is it possible to have in settings the opportunity to choose if to use the touchscreen control or not, I to make the features you made in 1.2.7 deactivateble? thanks!

  6. GeorgeF says:

    YouTube Live support, PiP or screenshots of the streamed channels in the playlist while browsing/watching, could be an awesome feature.

  7. Engel says:

    https:// urls not working with perfect player

  8. Aderbale says:

    Really great job Nikman: I don’t know why but the internal player of Perfect Player for Android manages the buffering better than KODI (Android & PC Version) and VLC.
    I suggest too record function and fast foward function for VOD contents…

  9. Lubomir Kora says:

    Could you please advice how to change language on epg

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