Android version 1.3.0 released

Change log v1.3.0:

  • Added Backup/Restore settings feature
  • Improved Android 6 support
  • Added new Decoder HW+ (with subtitles support)
  • Added the ability to enter PIN code by means of RC number keys
  • Fixes
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38 Responses to Android version 1.3.0 released

  1. javier says:

    torrent url link does not work * 88b8644e06b09d5a081455e642cf75b18cc4039d * ?

  2. tunii says:

    is the Added new Decoder HW+ (with subtitles support for the fire tv stick. ?

  3. Gokhan says:

    By selecting HW+ it crash sometimes.

    • Gokhan says:

      Nik, by some channels it crashes when i choose hw+. This doesnt happend bij selecting hw. Do you know why?

      • nikman says:

        Use Decoder that fits best in your case.

        • tabsha says:

          On Android, how do you use the search function?
          How do you search for your favorites?
          A user guide would be great!

          • nikman says:

            You can use “Search channel” item in channels list context menu to search channels.

  4. Ricky says:

    Amazon fire tv stick, feedback… HW works, perfect… HW+ and Native does not works good, just open few channels… Software mode open couple channels and it is very slow… i have my amazon in HW mode and runs great…

  5. tunii says:

    Dear developer niklabs . would you please add chromecast support. your app isnt able to cast streams . i have few apps that running fine with ts extensions file support. normally your app also will be able to play ts content because most of the streams use aac audio codec. Chromecast can handle ts video + aac sound. Please update this in future. if you want i can give u names of apps who handle it good. but i want your app to handle this. i like you and your support

    • nikman says:

      It looks like not very simple task and not first priority. However, we’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for your request.

  6. JAG says:

    Hey nick, PP needs something that indicates when channel is buffering or waiting to play.

    I mean, there is an indicator when channel is buffering but it only is shown when botton panel is visible, else it just freezes and I dont know what it happening.

    I hope you understand.

  7. Tete La says:

    hi Nick, is it possible to have a plugin or signin to USTV Now?
    With it a person who subscribes to the free channels would get it within the perfect player app

    just an idea, hope you can look into it

  8. JohnMainhard says:

    Hey! Is it possible to add 5.1 sound support to the player? I use it on shield tv.

    • nikman says:

      Try Native or HW+ Decoder

      • JohnMainhard says:

        I use hw+. Native doesn’t make any difference…

      • JohnMainhard says:

        Ok, so i tried all types of decoder. Native does play all Video, but only stereo sound. Software plays all video (but laggy), but only stereo sound. Hardware plays all video best (including full hd), but only stereo sound. hw+ doesn’t play all video (all except full hd), but olny stereo sound.

        i checked my whole playlist in lazy iptv with vlc as player and vlc plays all video AND 5.1 sound!

        is there any option faulty in my perfect player?

        • nikman says:

          Check system’s audio output settings (passthrough, optical, etc).

          • JohnMainhard says:

            I did. With lazyiptv and vlc as player it works. Maybe something like a shield problem…

  9. Alex says:

    I got issue with reconnecting to iptv stream after losing buffer. Picture stay friezed while kodi resume it after few seconds. Is there any way to improve it in PP future versions.

  10. steven says:

    my channes do not play the list in window, yet in android my playlist works perfectly, why?

  11. tunii says:

    niki i wrote please answer to my post. why you delete it?

  12. tunii says:

    whats with this link? it redirect here…please answer to my post.

  13. Shah says:

    Where to get EPG url? Anyone

  14. Snake Rouse says:

    Thank you for an excellent program!
    What is the difference between free and full version on android?

    • nikman says:

      As for now, Full version features are:
      – Ads free
      Play last channel at startup option available

      • yxyx says:

        why would you put “Play last channel at startup option available” as a premium Feature. Most players do this

  15. frizio says:

    from android version 1.2.13 when i press right arrow on remote control the full sliding epg not appear, in the previous versions it works.

  16. Ant says:

    Hey guys! thank you again for your majestic work!
    Do you know what would be a great feature for the next release?
    The possibility to skip channels like ture tv providers: example, i have this channels:

    1. Cinema 1
    2. Cinema 2
    3. Sport 1
    4- Sport 2
    5. Sport 3
    6. News 1
    7. News 2

    It would be amazing if i could change the numbers leaving some missing numbers, to group it by genre without using the groups, like:

    101. Cinema 1
    102. Cinema 2
    201. Sport 1
    202. Sport 2
    203. Sport 3
    301. News 1
    302. News 2
    Is it possible? thank you so much, you’re doing great!

  17. Linda Deweese says:

    Learned a lot reading this post. Thanks

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