Android version 1.3.1 released

Change log v1.3.1:

  • Added Groups management mode (Settings -> Advanced)
  • GUI optimizations
  • Shortcuts: W – next aspect ratio, T – next subtitles
  • Added Hungarian localization
  • Fixes
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28 Responses to Android version 1.3.1 released

  1. Penske says:

    New Version keeps re-loading streams which I think it need to get fixed, and it’s delaying loading streams as well. Hope you’ll come with the fix.

  2. JAG says:

    Hey nick, Im having a problem.

    Some channels I watch changed .ts files inside m3u8, they now show with the port 80 and channels wont work anymore.

    This is how they show now:

    This is not valid anymore but they worked before they added the port. Can you make it playable please?


  3. ali says:

    Hi Nick,

    this is the best program!

    in this version I also have a problem with reloading channels/streams sometimes. The HW+ crashes by the same channels everytime. By the most channels it works without problems and by some channels it crashes everytime. This problem i haven’t by HW. but i want to use HW+

  4. JAG says:

    Feature request
    Can you add rtmp support?

    • Penske says:

      On my android box I can play rtmp streams, they’re not smooth as http’s but it’s obvious.

    • nikman says:

      RTMP protocol is supported with Hardware/Software decoders.
      If it works with Native decoder depends on a device firmware.

  5. olivier says:

    Hello ,
    How can i add subtitles into a movie ?

    • nikman says:

      Bundled in streams subtitles supported with HW+ decoder.
      If it works with Native decoder depends on a device firmware.

  6. Davide says:

    I have the pro-version payed on Google Play and I like it so much, put 5-star review.
    I would like to have the option to loop on the channel without reload the channel list on the left and the channel info on the bottom. Is it possibile to implent

  7. christian gross says:

    un grand merci pour cette application geniale ,cependant les sources iptv sont instablent sur la freebox mini 4k (box android tv) allez comprendre…!

  8. TonyMac says:

    Hi Nikman

    Could you explain how to add epg url & channel logo to android version or direct me to a howto.

    many thanks

  9. TonyMac says:

    Hi nikman

    thanks for the link the playlist format was wrong, have things working now.
    Is there a way to clone my setup & transfer to another android box? or copy the config?

    many thanks

  10. Frank says:

    Good morning. Where can I find an EPG for Perfect Player?

  11. ali says:

    is it possible to record?

  12. Jorge says:

    Hi Nikman, as always excelent player, btw I found that certain streams that used to work, now after update don’t work or even plays for a couple of seconds and then stops playing. Of course I’ve check if those streams sources stills working and bandwith is not the issue here. Those problems never appears on old version of PP. I left you the streams for your test.

    rtsp://stream*tn*com*ar/live/tnhd1 – With HW+ is not showing, but native option works
    http://ooyalahd2-f**m3u8 – This one is very particular, if you put HW+ works if you put native plays for a couple of seconds and stops.

    Replace the “*” with “.”

    I’ve try it with simple tv and both works flawless.

    Thanks in advance

    • nikman says:

      Playback with Native decoder mostly depends on device/firmware. On Minix Neo X8-H both streams plays flawless.
      HW+ decoder do not support RTSP protocol.

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