Android version 1.3.3 released

Change log v1.3.3:

  • Selectable Decoder for individual channels, VODs and local video files (in context menu)
  • Changing default Decoder in Settings without having to restart the app
  • Added volume boost feature, available with Hardware and Software decoders
  • Custom EPG shift for channels in EPG assign mode (in context menu)
  • Changing options by Left/Right keys
  • Added search feature for plugins
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19 Responses to Android version 1.3.3 released

  1. Gokhan says:

    Is it possible to turn to the previous versions? Some channels doesnt play now in this new release. I tried all decoders by these channels but i have sound and no video.

  2. Dee says:

    Channel list that I have from the provider come with EPG from the provider. On VLC I can see the EPG, I wish I could say the same on Perfect Player. Am I missing something?

    • nikman says:

      It’s hard to say without actual playlist.
      You should enter provider’s EPG URL in Settings.
      FAQ – EPG
      Perfect Player (Android) video tutorial 1

      • Dee says:

        That…See that I don’t have (the URL), since links from the playlist come loaded with EPG, I don’t see shall I do it.
        P.S.: Love the new feature on the 1.3.3, on changing decoder for individual channel. Life saver!

        • nikman says:

          Anyway, you need to have EPG source. Probably, it could be in your playlist, specified in some specific format.

          • Dee says:

            Also when you release the new version of player, is there a possible way after you change the Decoder for individual channel to save the preference for a certain channel, since it keep going back to Default decoder after the restart of player, please. Some of the channel I use I switched them to software, but after restart they keep changing to default decoder.

        • nikman says:

          Selected Decoder automatically saved for individual channels. However, if you are using “self-updated” playlist where channel URLs may be changed on update, decoder assignments can be lost.

  3. Rabrab says:

    Most of channels works only on software and hardware decoder but some works with native player
    The problem is when use software decoder image quality is very bad and it has a shadow on my box native does not has any issue but many channels not working

    • Tete La says:

      If you using a RockChip base Android device, the Native player is the one to use. If you have an AmLogic base android drvice, hardware decoder is the one to use

      • Rabrab says:

        I found u are a pro. so can ask about android version made any difference 4.4 or 5.1 based on amlogic and what you prefer rockship or amlogic
        what about zapping on hardware decoder which the channel loading and then channels start too qucikly video before stablizing

  4. Rabrab says:

    With hw+ decoder all channels only sound working image hanging

  5. Cem says:

    Can you bring HEVC Codec support for android tv for better compressor and support 4k video resoulution please ?!

  6. montasar says:

    hi ,

    thanks for the good job and sharing this buteful app 🙂

    can you please explain how to use iptv data server ?

    i am trying to sync setting from my pc to the android app without success 🙁


  7. Jimbob says:

    Great Piece of Software! That’s why I bought it, good stuff gets always my money.
    Got a problem with 1080p content on my android S905, hardware as decoder and deinterllace
    On or off, it’s still not smooth compared to 720.
    Will there be a improvement in next versions for 1080p?

    • nikman says:

      We will continue to improve features and preformance. You should try Native decoder.

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