Android version 1.3.4 released

Change log v1.3.4:

  • Saving selected audio track
  • Showing audio track info (Hardware/Software/HW+)
  • Audio shift option (Hardware/Software)
  • “Silent” stream reconnection on connection lost
  • Fixes
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71 Responses to Android version 1.3.4 released

  1. vincenzo says:

    i love this app but i want know why don’t download the icon to xmltv file

    • nikman says:

      Usually, logos resolution from XMLTV file is very poor. This could be used for reference only.

  2. Egidijus says:

    I have hls streams (live.m3u8 h264 codec, use hardware decoder) and audio truks info show “und”…

  3. gotovanko1 says:

    My favorite IPTV application for Android, few of my channels r now in HEVC and perfect cant play it.Is there the solution for this.Unfortunatly those r important channels

  4. ithrinet says:

    links RTMP not work

    • nikman says:

      RTMP protocol is supported with Hardware and Software decoders.
      If it’s supported with Native decoder depends on device and firmware.

  5. gotovanko1 says:

    I can’t understand how to use user agent for mx player ,may be will work .Strange my devices work perfect with rockchip devices and don’t work with amlogic. Kodi works well

  6. gotovanko1 says:

    I did,but nothing play. Other channels work flawless, kodi work flawless with hevc channnels too. Im afraid perfect player don’t. May be if mx player use as internal player will be,but dont know how to use it and what to fill in agent to play with mx player

    • nikman says:

      You can’t use external player for playback. User-Agent is not about it.

      Probably, HEVC will be added later for Hardware/Software decoders.

  7. Critzzu says:

    My play /stop options have disappeared from bottom GUI when viewing a stream, is this a bug as they used to be there before, even tried fresh install

    • nikman says:

      It was removed for a long time, due to be annoying to many users when using RC.
      You can still use it from info panel.

  8. tunii says:




    • nikman says:

      Possibly, sometime later. But if take into account the complexity and effort, it will not be implemented in the near future.

  9. tunii says:

    ps: i wont buy fire tv stick or any android box!

  10. Aa says:

    In 1.3.4 caracters like “~” don’t appear anymore, just text saying “tilde”

    • nikman says:

      I guess, it is changed in your playlist. You can see it in playlist or send me playlist for tests.

  11. peppe scurone2 says:

    you can add a password to folders?


  12. atayee says:

    Any plugin for YouTube live stream? thanks

  13. Angel says:

    Hi. all works very good. I use it in a android box tv.
    Could you please, add a option to take off the black border in the screen?.
    This happen to me in some sd iptv channels. In kodi there is this option.
    In the lastest versions doesnt show the info option. Thas is good when havent got info button in my remote control.
    many thanks.

  14. tuni says:

    1. could you please add feature to playback rar archives without unpacking the video content. In kodi is it possible.

    2. Could you please add feature UPNP Playback from local media.

    these are features many users want to have in your App


  15. tuni says:

    that your app is able to scan the local media server in home network.

    But please update first feature to watch unpacked rar content. It must be able to play the mkv or other media type inside the rar archive without unpacking. This is a superb feature when you dont have enough space to unpack.

    i wait your answer….


  16. Mafy says:

    its a ,,perfect,, player i find cool i cann change the channels with the RC , but i have a problem i have a playlist with romanian channels and i cannt activate subtitles onIPTV+ VLC its work i cann change only the audio! sorry 4 my bad english.

  17. Jerry D. Rash says:

    Nik, Perfect Player is truely a great software product for the android.

    I purchased it and have tested it on several android TV devices.
    I have a fewcomments and questions for you.
    First the questions,

    Is there an available list of plugins created for your product somewhare?
    I was wondering if there is a plugin for stalker and or MAG service.

    I currently have to use KODI on another network attached device as a stalker m3u server to provide the authentication support to make my stations work with perfect player on my other tv players connected to my TV’s.

    If no plugins exist, I would really like to see this added.

    The product works perfectly on my chinese android boxes, On my true android TV (Nexus Player)
    It is really hit and miss. I have to custom select the decoder type for a majority of the HD streams.
    Some channels only work in software mode.

    The Nexus player supports .265/.264 HEV but only thru the built in google exo player api. exo player seems to only be available on true android TV devices like the nvidia shield, nexus player and sony TV’s with Android TV as the smart interface. So, I’m not surprised it is not an option for perfect player to use. Standard mediaplayer support found in 5.1 and 6 versions of android is present, but not optimized like exoplayer.

    Please consider adding it if possible. The newer versions of the STB emulators are supporting it but for some reason, Audio isn’t working properly but the improvement in video quality using the exoplayer API is amazing.

    If you need info on exoplayer, I can provide you with all links and programming examples as I am an Android TV developer in training. I am currently working on plugins for Live Channels another subset of API’s exclusive to android TV OS that rely heavily on exoplayer for quality playback and epg support.

    I would like to look at your plugin delevoper support if you could lead me to a document or toolkit to use for it.


    • nikman says:

      Currently, pluging interface can provide access to some web VOD video resources. It is not intended to support different middleware servers.
      Also, Stalker server support is not on recent plans.
      Try to select HW+ or some other decoder if you have playback issues.

  18. Dear, having problem using URL EPG, this one, can you help me?

  19. tuni says:

    Would you please add feature to show us On top or bottom the Download and upload rate?
    this is feature for all Nerds and techies =)

    If you dont have idea, look on google play for network monitor pro.

  20. Rolf says:

    Hi .. First: Really i like this Player and use it every Day at my Android TV Box ( WETEK CORE )
    Now i brought the new WETEK Hub Box and so bad, the Perfect Player crashed by Start the App.
    Any Idea? I know the Hardware is Brand New … so easy .. i can wait and maybe u can Help soon. Ty.

  21. Rolf says:

    Hello nikman, don’t have crash message .. maybe I have a idea .. the first install it’s with native Decoder as Standard, right? maybe it’s better to make the installation with Software Decoder as Standard. Maybe

  22. tunii says:

    please add feature to show us On top or bottom the Download and upload rate

  23. kaplo says:

    Nice app very much like the interface and its user friendly.
    bought the pro version which is a must have for every android box owner. myself i have a minix z64 works without any problem had to change my decoder in settings after that no problems at all.
    I know we have a lock channel feature but what im missing is a more advanced one which you have option to lock channels on specific times like for example i have some movie channels which are particularly for kids and stuff but after 12 o clock at night the channels is showing 18+ content which i don’t want mine kids to see. So adding this option beside the lock feature you already have would help ma a lot.

    second feature maybe in the future is make the channel reconnect to the stream again automatically, problem im having now is when a channel goes black/disconnected i have to choose the same channel again before its reconnected to the stream.

    anyway want to thank you for this great app. one of the best if no the best app in the store for iptv.

  24. anto says:

    hey guys! is it possible to add an auto-closing feature that would close the app after a certain amount of inactivity time? thanks!

  25. herosam says:

    HI NIK
    I really like this APP
    Have a big problem to resolve.

    XMLTV files within a channel at the same time, when there are multiple names to identify only the last name of a channel.
    To the pairing of EPG not success.

    Such as:

    [163] 9colors
    [215] 9colors
    [99] 9colors
    CBN 9colors
    [186] CBN 9colors

    in the channel list is “9colors” ,EPG identify “[186] CBN 9 colors”.
    Currently only recognize the last channel name.
    Can increase the multiple channel name XMLTV files can be automatically paired function?
    The XMLTV file with the address, your Icon is paired to the EPG can directly matching Icon?

    There. In the main screen waiting for the circle show can increase the option to switch.
    Because I normally broadcast receiver, but also there will be a circle.

    I’m sorry, my English is very bad.
    Thank you for

    • nikman says:

      Use Settings->Advanced->EPG assign mode to assign EPG to channels manually.
      Watch video tutorial

      • herosam says:

        Yes, I knowed it
        But ther is very complicated.
        Auto matching multi channel name have the XMLTV file is cool function
        Hope to be able to realize his as soon as possible
        Thank you for your efforts

  26. Anton Vushaj says:

    Hi Nick . Can the app auto refresh itself every half an hour , because the channel links change 2 times a day . Thank you

    • nikman says:

      Auto refresh function has no sense, because “auto-updated” playlist can stop working at any time, right between subsequent updates. Use manual refresh function instead.

  27. aderbale70 says:

    Hi Nik,
    PP is the best Android app for IPTV: could you improve it with audio delay settings? 🙂

  28. AJ says:

    Thanks for a great app.

    I have Fire TV 1st Gen, what is the best option to use under decoder?

    • nikman says:

      You should try all decoders to find the one, that works best for your device/playlist combination.

  29. aderbale says:

    For the first time, I’ve tried the windows version of Perfect Player (v1.1.4) but i’m experiencing some audio desynchronization problems on my ASUS KJ52T laptop equipped with 8GB RAM: Perfect Player runs slowly…associating LOGOS and EPG take several seconds…when I play a channel, the video starts before the audio causing some seconds of audio desync…it happens only to me? 🙂 Thx

  30. juan gerardo says:

    Hello, thanks for a excellent app, i have 2 featured question:
    1. auto update playlist option, for star app, but playlist change, is a great featured for a normal user
    2. auto reconect channel by lost signal for time intervals

  31. Egidijus says:

    I found EPG bug, when EPG elements is array, app show only last element. (when show title with original title, app show only original title or category)

    • Egidijus says:


      Kempiniukas Plačiakelnis
      SpongeBob SquarePants
      Vienoje šiltoje jūroje, Bikinio atolo dugne, stovi namelis iš… ananaso. Jame gyvena vienas populiariausių animacinių personažų, apdovanotas ”Vaikų pasirinkimo” prizu – kempiniukas Bobas. Jo geriausi draugai – krabas ir jūros žvaigždė. Ši trijulė kaskart patiria vis juokingesnių ir vis keistesnių nuotykių, tad gyvenimas jūros dugne visada kuo įdomiausias.
      Visai šeimai


      App show title SpongeBob SquarePants and and category Visai šeimai

  32. herosam says:

    Hello Nikman

    Channel list and EPG files with SAMB share how to connect?
    I can’t connect with the following address.


    HTTPS Link also unable to connect.
    Whether does not support the SAMBA and the HTTPS protocol?

    • nikman says:

      Downloading EPG from Samba shares is not supported.
      HTTPS sould work. However, it’s possible to have some certificate issues.

  33. oaicstef says:

    This app is the best I have seen until now. The only thing that I miss right now is the subtitle feature. I’m able to change language but not to set any subtitle. 😉

  34. Francisco says:

    I can see vod but cant see my playlist!!why????

    • nikman says:

      If you set “VOD” checkbox in playlist settings, then in “Sources” windows (third icon in main menu) “VOD” option appears.

  35. Jose Antonio says:

    Is possible configure & syncronize the playlist from the pc to android app and this android app autoload the epg from internet when x time? Now, when the epg is outdate only show when I resync from the pc.

    Thanks for your great work

    • nikman says:

      Actually, the app is trying to download EPG on each update. However, normally EPG can’t be downloaded on the same day twice to eliminate ban from server due to frequent downloads.
      It is possible, that “old” EPG was already downloaded on today and even if EPG was updated on server after, it is not gonig to be downloaded without forcing.
      Another case, EPG for the next week updated couple days before. Thus, downloaded EPG on next week gives empty EPG data for current week. You can disable downloading EPG on this days in Settings.

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