Android version 1.3.7 released

Change log v1.3.7:

  • Added new default “Auto” decoder
  • Added ability to play videos from file managers
  • Added Gamepad support
  • Fixed “Mute” key handling
  • Added Czech localization
  • Added UTF-8 data encoding support for JTV EPG
  • Fixes and improvements

“Auto” decoder aims to find the most suitable decoder for a given stream/file

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31 Responses to Android version 1.3.7 released

  1. Sonya Mihaylova says:

    Please explain for what the new decoder stands for. I mean Auto decoder!

  2. DiGevo says:

    Hi, It can solve the problem with the subtitle, select the subtitle menu but does not work.
    Good job for this aps! Tks!

  3. onebeat says:

    I have paid version and autostart option isn’t working, why ?

    • nikman says:

      “Autostart at bootup” is not full version option.
      This could be a device specific issue.

  4. emilio says:

    you can insert audio change for synchronizing audio \ video even in the native decoder? It would be very important. Thank you

  5. Egidijus says:

    When longer watching HD channel appears out of sync and it increases from the viewing time

  6. baboteu says:

    hi first of all, thank you for this great app!

    1. im wondering about how to use “Video plugins”, where can i find these plugins? (ANDROID)

    2.There is a little trouble with some streams, especially 1080p, either i use hardware acc and the video is a little laggy or i use native and there is no sound.

    3.for the problem with non working streams, i would suggest that the app could skip to the next working stream like vlc. instead of closing stream and returning to main screen.

    these are some minor things, in overall you did a really great job.

    PS:a customisable key layout would also be great for the guys with android tv remotes with more than 8 buttons.

  7. Ecatos says:

    I really appreciate this app, the only thing missing is a better search system. Thanks for the work.

  8. Xhoan Lee says:

    And Xtreme codes have made a change to their core api. please be prepared to adjust Nicklab

  9. Omar says:

    I really like the app, tried a lot iptv player none give u the sense of satellite TV like this one, easy navigation and groupings, great job.
    But I had a problem with it, it work perfectly on my Samsung note 5 , but with my TV box, it keeps disconnect and close the program when moving from one channel to another, please help, is my TV box outdated? Not sure what is wrong.

  10. matin says:

    A perfect app for IPTV however Once the audio and subtitle option is in place then speechless

  11. beezlo says:

    Firdt of all thanks for the great app, i have any problems like audio sync or buffering all or didnt open the stream , i try with different decoder but nothing helps

  12. Damir says:

    Hi. Do you plan to add chromecast/dlna support ?
    Thank you in advanced!

  13. MIMS says:

    Can you please add PERFECT PLAYER on OPERA TV STORE please do it before christmas, cuz i have a FUEGO SMART TV but i cant watch IPTV cuz on Oper TV Store there isnt an iptv player so please add ur player on this store 🙁

  14. bubaloo says:

    Hi. Great app, love it so far. Just think it needs some reorganization on buttons and menus to be more user friendly and more easy to use.

    One question: How can I delete a channel from a group? Not move it, just deleting it because I dont want it on any group.


  15. Marin says:

    Hi Nik,

    I have problems with mute on Android TV. When I enter the PP app, it starts muted. How to disable this option?
    Also, is there a way to setup groups of channels on PC and then upload at Android box?

    Best regards,


  16. Jbonez says:

    Having a lot of audio being out of sunc issues. Is there an audio sync option?

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