Android version 1.3.8 released

Change log v1.3.8:

  • Added new theme “Snow”
  • Added options to set clock size and position
  • Added “Playback in background” option
  • Added support of XMLTV EPG packed with TAR.GZ
  • Exit without confirm when started from file managers
  • * Added Openbox/Fortis/SkyWay SAT receivers support
  • Fixes and improvements

* Example
#EXTINF:0,Channel 1
udp://@ – receiver IP-address
sat_idx – sat value
svc_idx – channel value
net_protocol – udp=1 or rtp=0

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28 Responses to Android version 1.3.8 released

  1. Sonya Mihaylova says:

    Would you please add function to record streams? for example 60, 90, 120 min.
    Better if you add a timer in that function.

    If you add this function you will get many users onto your side.

    Wait for your reply

  2. satfta says:

    Nice program. But is posible to enable authomatic rtmp and rtsp format readingin HW+? I have to change manually to native when i use it to watch these channels. Thank you!

  3. Johnny says:

    The snow theme is helpful for some icons and logos since the background is not dark. Can you add the function that it is possible to switch to the next stream link when pressing the next button on the remote control if a link is not workink instead of scrawling to the next link manually and then pressing OK? Like with a satellite receiver? It could show “link not available”?

  4. Sonya Mihaylova says:

    Please i forgot to say:

    Add feature to open YouTube livestreams.

    For example it must handle and play our youtube live channel link.

    Many big channel streaming over youtube please look.

    but we have to edit before the m3u with the pasted youtubelink. Youtube streams in mp4 container.

    • nikman says:

      YouTube does not provide direct links to their streams.
      Also, YouTube playback is only available by YouTube official player.

  5. Tony Adefuye says:


    Great app by the way, so I set my default decoder to HW+ and this works on most channels. Some channels I have to change the decoder manually to software to get sound from the channel. Will it be possible when I have all my channels set up to be able to back it up and when I restore it each decoder setting for channels are retained.


  6. Sonya Mihaylova says:

    Please add feature:

    to choose which playlist to load by clicking for example load list.

    When we have 6 difrrent playlists it need almost 50 seconds to load every single list.

    i want for example just to load 2 lists the other 4 have to stay off .

    Do you understand my wish nik?

  7. Daniel says:

    I have a problem
    All channels play for couple min then repeat …what is the solution ?is it from the server or from the internet ?

  8. João says:

    Hi! Can you explain me or tell me where i can find the info about how to use the parental control feature in Perfect Player?

    • nikman says:

      1) Specify: Settings->GUI->PIN code
      2) In channels list context menu set “Lock channel/group” on selected channel or group

      When you enter correct PIN-code “unlocked” status is maintained for about 10 min or until restart. So, you don’t need to enter PIN-code on each channel startup.

  9. Dee says:

    Hey Nikman,
    I have a question, is there a way to add file .ini with epg to perfect player or whats the way around it to make it work?
    Thank you!

  10. ramon says:

    is there a way to connect to my VU+ STB if I need login informations like user and password?

  11. Marwan says:

    Hey Nikman,

    Thanks for your awesome app..

    Could u add Internet speed meter to the app?
    so we can know the speed of the Internet when we try to open any link in the app


  12. Aslan says:

    Hi Perfect player doesn’t load Chanels can anyone help? . Please

  13. Sonya Mihaylova says:

    how to get working this plugin in your apk?

    i have bulsatcom account. how to implent bulsatcom apk onto your app?

    please would you describe me nik.

    thanks in advance.

    Best Regards

  14. Sonya Mihaylova says:

    what do you mean with plugins?

    do you mean we are able kodi plugins to install?

    please let me know . I wait for your answer.

  15. Rex says:

    Can you add Polish language

  16. Nuno says:

    During 1.3.4 channel loading while entering the app was almost instant, now (1.3.8) it takes a lot of time to load, for some reason it tries to load EPG first and only after that’s done, it loads channels.

  17. Sonya Mihaylova says:

    yes i confirm. I even dont choose Epg option. The loading needs so much time. And yes the lists all work .They are not offline. We need fast loading option. I have s912 chipset. The fastest in market. Add option which one is ready to choose loading. Not all 6 playlists at same time. One by one!!

  18. zhuzhu says:

    Hi Nik, could you please please add xtreamcodes support in one of the next realeses. This app is awesome.

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