Android version 1.4.0 released

Change log v1.4.0:

  • Added “Perfect Remote” support – Remote Control app for Perfect Player
  • Added “Hide/Show group” option in “Groups management mode”
  • Auto confirm EPG notification after 15 sec timeout
  • Extended EPG info font size according to selected font size in settings
  • Added Polish, Turkish and Kurdish localizations
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39 Responses to Android version 1.4.0 released

  1. Daniel Mouacdie says:

    Amazing app ….especially after the hide group option …. And the new remote …is there anyway to rename groups in newer versions ….keep on the great work

    • nikman says:

      To rename group A, you should move all channels from group A into group B. Use “Groups management mode”.

      • Xhoan Lee says:

        BRO: when will you be able to support custome made apk for providers. Yours is really the best and I would like to have it working. Not the xtreamers version

        • Xhoan Lee says:

          bro, why are not you commenting…make this move and let us both benift from it. I have the new api requests for xc too. Please let me hear sth positive

      • Daniel says:

        Thanks for the quick reply

        But my question is i have list of groups holand uk etc.
        I can see the groups as folders
        I want to keep them as they are just want to change the group name in android…if that is possible.

        Another thing i made a backup of my settings …after linking epg and logos…i can restore on the same android box ….is there a way to restore same settings on other android boxes …?
        I tried to restore on another android box and the app crashed

        • Xhoan Lee says:

          as for channels groups. It is not sth the apk should do. Either the provider or you can download the link to your pc edit it and upload it to a site like pastebin and put it in your m3u url inside the apk. and yes you can use the settings on another android box. You need to ftp inside your box, and get the data and put them inside the box. google how to ftp using es file expolrer is the easiest

        • nikman says:

          Settings backup file can be used on other devices. Probably, there is no free space on your device.
          Otherwise, you can send your backup file on e-mail for tests.

      • Xhoan Lee says:

        nickman you are in the habit of not replying to my comments without giving a reason,
        Can you at least see that your apk requets live and vod categories same as in a stalker portal. Here are the all the major api requests. It is really a problem with categores. I hope you can see why:

        GET Live Stream Categories

        GET VOD Stream Categories

        GET LIVE Streams
        player_api.php?username=X&password=X&action=get_live_streams (This will get All LIVE Streams)
        player_api.php?username=X&password=X&action=get_live_streams&category_id=X (This will get All LIVE Streams in the selected category ONLY)

        GET VOD Streams
        player_api.php?username=X&password=X&action=get_vod_streams (This will get All VOD Streams)
        player_api.php?username=X&password=X&action=get_vod_streams&category_id=X (This will get All VOD Streams in the selected category ONLY)

        GET VOD Info
        player_api.php?username=X&password=X&action=get_vod_info&vod_id=X (This will get info such as video codecs, duration, description, directors for 1 VOD)

        GET short_epg for LIVE Streams (same as stalker portal, prints the next X EPG that will play soon)
        player_api.php?username=X&password=X&action=get_short_epg&stream_id=X&limit=X (You can specify a limit too, without limit the default is 4 epg listings)

        GET ALL EPG for LIVE Streams (same as stalker portal, but it will print all epg listings regardless of the day)

        And (

        • nikman says:

          It is possible, that we will resume provider version development. But it is not in the near future.

          • Xhoan Lee says:

            so, I hope it will not take long as other developers are making money whereas you are not, And your apk is really far better.
            Please see the api and see if you can implement categories and infos based on them

  2. Sonya Mihaylova says:

    Why do you ignore our wishes nik? We wrote many times please add features like loading faster the playlists and Network monitoring / down and upload rate in the apk.

    Again u spend time in EPG. No one uses Epg .Many people dont use it. Please invest more time in our wishes.

  3. filippo says:

    mancanza della possibilità di gestire le cartelle

  4. Karl says:

    is it possible to do this change when switching between channels:
    -instead of stopping the current playing channel and then trying to open the requested channel, do the following: keep the current channel playing, try to start the requested channel, when it is ready switch channel instantly. in case the requested channel is down stay on the current playing channel and notify the user that the requested channel is down
    this way switching channels becomes much more pleasant and feels faster
    Thanks Nik, you’re doing great

  5. Gianni says:

    I have a problem with ac3 audio. I hear no sound. How can I solve the problem?

  6. Vuli says:

    Best solution for IPTV 🤗
    But Will you get subtitle to work becouse on My list on Kodi i works
    but not on Perfect player. I have tried all decoders. Nothing.

  7. king Mihay says:

    could you please add for perfect remote :

    1.Control in lockscreen . Louder …. skip ….next channel etc.
    2. fuction for searching channels not scrolling like now.

  8. What is the difference between the free and the paid version for Android? Can’t find this information anywhere.

  9. cesar chavez says:

    Actualize el perfect player lo abrí y no me sale el listado de canales

  10. Wenger says:

    Mon url ne fonctionne pas pour avoir les chaînes payants que faire?

  11. rodak says:

    Hi, would it be possible to add channels as shortcuts to the Android TV launcher? My kids have hard time navigating all groups in the app. It would be great to create shortcuts to some favorite kids channels right at the Android launcher. Possible to implement?

    • nikman says:

      There is no such option currently.

    • Xhoan Lee says:

      you can however set some channels on favourite, which will be easier to browse, or edit your own playist and then use it with the apk

  12. ExYu Tv says:

    Hi Nikman! Sorry i know this is off topic, but do you know how to insert movi info inside the m3u?

    like in your picture with the film Marco Polo ?

    Thank you for your time

  13. Oba says:


    when using direct link to open in Perfect player, there is no auto recconect?
    Do you have plans to change this?

    Thank you

    • nikman says:

      When playback is broken during stream playback, the app will try to reconnect.

      • Oba says:

        I have a iptv app and i have ads on it… and i would like to add your player as deafult medaia player… but in this way the stream does not auto connect… also it does not read the name of channel it reads the number of stream…. here is the video…

        Also i have over 30.000 users so thats 30.000 people that will download yur player if you can fix this.

        Have a nice day. Hope you respond…

  14. Xhoan Lee says:

    good morning Nickmann: I hope the far future has come and you are thinking of providing your apk for providers. As I am paying for another apk, but the users are not satisifed with it, and I myself use yours…so please find a way to make it easier for you and me. thanks. And you can host the apk yourself I do not care, I only need my logo with user and pass access

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