Android version 1.4.1 released

Change log v1.4.1:

  • Improved “Perfect Remote” app support (EPG, groups, sorting, stability)
  • Fixed volume control for all Android TV devices (recent firmare update issue)
  • Decreased UDP streams startup latency with Hardware and Software decoders
  • Fixes and improvements
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47 Responses to Android version 1.4.1 released

  1. Xhoan Lee says:

    any news about PP for providers?

  2. Christian Piek says:

    does this have a minimum Android requirement?
    I have 4.4.2

  3. Cey says:

    I experience problems when I change the volume with the perfect remote.
    I use a Sony Bravia with the latest update.c

    • nikman says:

      Please, explain what kind of preblems.
      What is Android version on your Sony Bravia TV?
      “Change system volume” option checked?

  4. osmbattal says:

    did is fix the problem for change channel ? one channel working other channel not working and must close program and open again to get new link

  5. Ali raza says:

    Hi is there any way to add groups in perfect player ?

  6. Ali raza says:

    Why perfect player is not available for iOS devices ?

  7. Mark says:

    Is there any amplification options like in kodi, most live tv sounds very quiet even the volume is at maximum

    • nikman says:

      1) Check that Settings->Playback->Change system volume option is on
      2) When selected Hardware or Software decoders you can increase volume more that 100%

  8. Sandra says:

    I had to factory reset my android box. Redownloaded Perfect Player. Now my
    Iptv channels won’t load. Says nothing is available. Any idea why?

    • nikman says:

      Check that playlist is available for download by the URL

      • Sandra says:

        It works on my ipad with a different player. But the perfect player doesnt seem to want to upload the playlist

        • nikman says:

          Enter your playlist URL in browser to see that downloaded file is a proper playlist file.

          • Sandra says:

            It is because I can upload it perfectly on my ipad with a dofferent player

  9. Gary says:

    Hi how do I get channels on perfect play? Been searching everywhere for url. Any help would be gratefully received

  10. Hello! I’m using the latest app version on my Android TV Box and very often the app crashes and closes. This issue happens faster in some channels. Any idea?

  11. Harã Ferraz says:

    Hello man, I appreciate your app very much.

    Can you please consider to implement these 2 features in 1.4.2?

    1 – Order channels by name
    2 – Show current show (EPG) right bellow the channel’s name in channel list, so there’s no need to open full EPG list.


    • nikman says:

      1) You can try to set “Adaptive sorting” in channels list context menu – the most watched channels at the top of the list. Sorting by name option is available in “Perfect Remote” app.
      2) Switch to “Details” view in channels list context menu.

  12. Joe says:

    Anyway to get the volume control to work on the Amazon Fire Stick?

  13. Gennaro says:

    Come è possibile spostare gli orari delle epg? I canali, rispetto ai titoli, hanno tutti 1 ora di differenza

    • nikman says:

      1) Check timezone setup in your device system settings
      2) App Settings->General->EPG->Shift

  14. Jason says:

    I use Dm800 streaming to HUAWEI ec9108v9 TV box kodi can show the subtitles but when I use perfectplayer can’t show the subtitles already chose the subtitles Could you fix it like kodi can show the subtitles?thank you very much

  15. Mar Seventeen says:

    Since the update, when switching channels the volume is way to high (on FireTV), by just pushing left or right it gets the actual value, In the version before that, all was fine, looks like a newly introduced bug.

  16. Jorge says:

    Hi !! I downloaded this app on a tv box and it´s great, but a have a question. How can i set forward or set back movies from a remote list. In the menu i only see the play/pause option. If i try to set forward directly from progress bar it reloads from the start. Thanks !!!

  17. Pete Jackson says:

    Is there going to be a loop function like there is on VLC?P

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