Android version 1.4.2 released


Change log v1.4.2:

  • Added smooth seeking for videos and channels archive
  • Use “FF”/”RW” keys for seeking
  • Improved “Perfect Remote” app support (logos)
  • Added TXT subtitles support for Hardware and Software decoders
  • Fixed volume controls handling for SONY BRAVIA pre M and Amazon Fire TV
  • Improved HD multicast streams playback stability
  • Added support of playlist URL with authentication (http://user:pass@url)
  • Added RTSP support (Hardware and Software)
  • RTP streams support through UDPXY
  • Added Romanian localization
  • Other fixes and improvements

Download as APK: PerfectPlayer-1.4.2.apk

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17 Responses to Android version 1.4.2 released

  1. Xhoan Lee says:

    well to be honest it is getting always better and better. I hope you do a customiation for xc as loads of people are waiting for it

  2. Joe says:

    The volume changer still does nothing on the Fire TV Stick :(

  3. Tête La says:

    If this app could have the facility in the Settings to input USTV Now Subscription login inorder to access the 6 free USTV Now Channels or the entire paid package, it woul be awesome

    but keep up the good work Nik, you are doing well

  4. jonas says:

    Now the epg in not complete loading, only 6 chanels, the epg is

  5. mkvali says:


    i have an android box with a stb emulator and an iptv provider
    most channels are divided by country but the arab channels from different countries are all combined in one list which makes it difficult to find your channel

    i asked if it was possible to rearrange the list and divide the channels per country and customize the arrangement of the channels , he told me that it was not possible using a stb emulator

    i would have to change the whole m3u list using notepad and that i would have to use another program to watch my customized m3u list from because an stb emulator will not be able to do it

    does your program makes it possible to customize my menu, submenu, channel list and channel arrangement and labels despite of the provider having their own default list

  6. Zednka says:

    Good Day,

    What is the best encoder choice for a amazon fire tv stick 2nd gen?

    • nikman says:

      It depends on the streams in your playlist.
      You should test it by yourself to find the most suitable decoder.

  7. peppe scurone2 says:

    Thanks to long time use perfectplayer, thanks for the work you do,
    I have a request to make you if possible, to have the next title on the ondemand after it’s finished and the title you are looking at.

  8. Jason says:

    Wish net version has DVB subtitles function
    thank you for your support

  9. Mike says:

    Perfect Player is the best IPTV M3u player. Thanks so much for creating it. Any plans to make the app for iOS or Mac or Apple TV 4?

  10. ExYu Tv says:

    Hi Nikman,

    Im trying to integrate PPlayer to my iptv app.

    But i have 2 questions.

    1. I Tred every decoder possible, but every time i pass the stream link to Pplayer , when the stream link stops, the player does not auto connect to it? Can this be resolved?

    2. Can Your player read Useragent string in link?
    Example :|User-Agent=”AppleCoreMedia

    Thanks for the reply.

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