Android version 1.4.3 beta3

Change log v1.4.3b2:

  • Added DVB subtitles support (HW+)
  • Saving selected subtitles track (HW, SW, HW+)
  • Improved subtitles rendering
  • Switching next/previous channel relatively to the currently playing channel
  • Ch+/Ch- keys acts as PageUp/PageDown when media list is showing
  • Added “description” M3U tag support for VOD playlists
  • Added Macedonian localization
  • Other fixes and improvements

Change log v1.4.3b3:

  • Fixes

Download as APK: PerfectPlayer-1.4.3b3.apk

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27 Responses to Android version 1.4.3 beta3

  1. montero says:

    cool stuff … big up

  2. JW Endenburg says:

    Thanks, but why is the option for personal channel sorting is still not included. I’m dissappointed.

  3. Paulo F says:

    For 2 days now Perfect player just stoped working in all cells and PC. Any reason why?

  4. john says:

    Ad by mac feature would be awesome

  5. Safa says:

    Do you know why the app is lagging on some channels? This didn’t happen earlier. I tried the m3u-playlist file with VLC on my computer and it works fine there. Any suggestions? Using it on Philips Smart TV.

    • nikman says:

      1) Try to select different decoder
      2) Check your network bandwidth
      3) Use wired network connection (not Wi-Fi) if available
      4) Try another playlist (IPTV provider’s server performance issue)

  6. Will says:

    Hey could you please add volume control for fire tv. Right now if I enable it in settings I loose the option of the previous channel and info button(left and right ) . Long press functionally is an idea ?

    • Will says:

      Or even use the RW button for previous channel FF for channel info and keep d pad for volume as it is

  7. Pete T says:

    Your product is great, extremely well set up, do you have any future thoughts of adding casting to it? I think if you were able to cast to tv this would make it your product even better.

  8. Media Michel says:

    Is it also possible to use teletext in perfect player, then the player would really be perfect!!

  9. Media Michel says:

    When I watch a tv channel with subtitle, I can select a subtitle language for example Dutch. But I don’t see subtitles. I selected several settings (HW, HW+, software) none gives subtitles.

  10. Shakra says:


    Can we have an option to change the buffering ?


  11. Hwang says:

    Hi My Name is Hwang in South Korea
    I Suggest to you for Perfect Player for Android SetTopBox
    I was watching IPTV with Perfect Player for Android V1.4.3 Beta3
    I have some problem that My IPTV Channel List (m3u format) broken view
    It was play list character does not support UTF-8 or Unicode
    Please Update or Modified this problem

    • nikman says:

      Playlist must be in UTF-8 charset encoding. If your playlist has another encoding, then you need to change it to UTF-8. Use NotePad Windows app.

  12. ExYu Tv says:

    Added “description” M3U tag support for VOD playlists

    can you give example how it should apear in the m3u?


    • nikman says:

      #EXTINF:0 tvg-logo="" description="The movie_1 description with {marked text}.",Movie 1

  13. jigga-j says:

    Does perfect player support 4k streams from m3u files?
    Tv does. If so, does it scale down to 1080p?

  14. Will says:

    What’s the time frame for the full release

  15. bestboy1903 says:

    I would like to help you to translate Turkish language. you can contact me at

  16. D-Spayre says:

    I’d like to see an option to be able to lock just “General and Defaults”.

    Also having a different lock pin for channels/groups then settings.


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