Android version 1.4.3 beta7

Change log v1.4.3b2:

  • Added DVB subtitles support (HW+)
  • Saving selected subtitles track (HW, SW, HW+)
  • Improved subtitles rendering
  • Switching next/previous channel relatively to the currently playing channel
  • Ch+/Ch- keys acts as PageUp/PageDown when media list is showing
  • Added “description” M3U tag support for VOD playlists
  • Added Macedonian localization
  • Other fixes and improvements

Change log v1.4.3b3:

  • Fixes

Change log v1.4.3b5:

  • Added support of XMLTV EPG packed with XZ
  • Added support of EPG URL with authentication (http://user:pass@url)
  • Added archive support for “ottclub” provider
  • Added catchup tags support
  • Request external storage permissions when needed
  • Fixes

Change log v1.4.3b6:

  • Added ‘Xtream-Codes’ archive/catchup support
  • Greek localization improved
  • Small GUI fix

Change log v1.4.3b7:

  • Added ‘Ezserver’ time-shift support
  • Show channel archive window by “Left” key long press for selected channel with archive
  • Fixed volume control on Android TV devices
  • Czech localization improved
  • Fixes
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88 Responses to Android version 1.4.3 beta7

  1. montero says:

    cool stuff … big up

  2. JW Endenburg says:

    Thanks, but why is the option for personal channel sorting is still not included. I’m dissappointed.

    • Craig Smith says:

      Use xtream editor and sort the channels the way you like. This is a feature that is not needed on perfect player.

  3. Paulo F says:

    For 2 days now Perfect player just stoped working in all cells and PC. Any reason why?

  4. john says:

    Ad by mac feature would be awesome

  5. Safa says:

    Do you know why the app is lagging on some channels? This didn’t happen earlier. I tried the m3u-playlist file with VLC on my computer and it works fine there. Any suggestions? Using it on Philips Smart TV.

    • nikman says:

      1) Try to select different decoder
      2) Check your network bandwidth
      3) Use wired network connection (not Wi-Fi) if available
      4) Try another playlist (IPTV provider’s server performance issue)

  6. Will says:

    Hey could you please add volume control for fire tv. Right now if I enable it in settings I loose the option of the previous channel and info button(left and right ) . Long press functionally is an idea ?

    • Will says:

      Or even use the RW button for previous channel FF for channel info and keep d pad for volume as it is

  7. Pete T says:

    Your product is great, extremely well set up, do you have any future thoughts of adding casting to it? I think if you were able to cast to tv this would make it your product even better.

  8. Media Michel says:

    Is it also possible to use teletext in perfect player, then the player would really be perfect!!

  9. Media Michel says:

    When I watch a tv channel with subtitle, I can select a subtitle language for example Dutch. But I don’t see subtitles. I selected several settings (HW, HW+, software) none gives subtitles.

  10. Shakra says:


    Can we have an option to change the buffering ?


  11. Hwang says:

    Hi My Name is Hwang in South Korea
    I Suggest to you for Perfect Player for Android SetTopBox
    I was watching IPTV with Perfect Player for Android V1.4.3 Beta3
    I have some problem that My IPTV Channel List (m3u format) broken view
    It was play list character does not support UTF-8 or Unicode
    Please Update or Modified this problem

    • nikman says:

      Playlist must be in UTF-8 charset encoding. If your playlist has another encoding, then you need to change it to UTF-8. Use NotePad Windows app.

  12. ExYu Tv says:

    Added “description” M3U tag support for VOD playlists

    can you give example how it should apear in the m3u?


  13. jigga-j says:

    Does perfect player support 4k streams from m3u files?
    Tv does. If so, does it scale down to 1080p?

  14. Will says:

    What’s the time frame for the full release

  15. bestboy1903 says:

    I would like to help you to translate Turkish language. you can contact me at

  16. D-Spayre says:

    I’d like to see an option to be able to lock just “General and Defaults”.

    Also having a different lock pin for channels/groups then settings.


  17. Toni says:


    After install the beta
    When i press ok to go to list channels i have a black screen
    And i can make nothing jist go to androis box home menu and restart app.

    I have erase the app and re install the google play store app
    But same problem until i have install the beta
    Never had this problem before

    Please send me a mail to tell me how i can fix it

    • nikman says:

      Please, explain what is the problem now?
      Try to completely reinstall the app.

    • Vinke says:

      If you have problem with applications on phone, a uninstall and reinstall will not help as the cache folders har not removed. You should go to application manager (Apps) and then go to the app and storage and “Clear Data” and try again. You dont need to uninstall the app.

      • Toni says:

        I test and I give you an answer soon today
        Thank you

      • Toni says:

        Not work
        I use PP on android tv box
        I have test to clear all data from Application Manager but same problems
        After 30min the video stop and the sound continue when I press ok to go to the channel list I have a black screen
        If I try to change channel with up or down same problem
        I must go to the menu and reopen PP

        Before the upgrade for the beat I havn’t that

        I use PP with decoder hardware but I have test with Auto and all decoders

  18. Derrick says:

    Would be great to have Parent Control added.

  19. Nigel.K says:

    Can add subtitles to adjust the font size in perfect player new version?

  20. garry says:

    any plans for different themes?

  21. Devang says:

    I am loving your app. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Is it possible to play in external player?

  22. Edan Turun says:

    please youtube live streaming support

  23. Toni says:

    How many times for the final version to upgrade

  24. Steve says:

    Can you please add the ability to backup settings to non rooted location in case I ever need to uninstall and reinstall the app again.

    • nikman says:

      To backup settings into external storage use Settings->Dafaults->Backup settings.
      Then you can Restore settings on any other Android devices.

  25. will says:

    What is this Feature
    Added catchup tags support

  26. Nigel.K says:

    I hope the decoding can join the video hardware decoding, the audio track can be separated with software decoding! Similar to the mx player decoding mode audio decoder software options!

  27. will says:

    Hi nikamn
    Downloaded b5 and see some issues
    A. Unable to use page up down on fire TV products. Consider implementing FF/RW keys instead?
    B. Browsing epg is not relative to current channel . After browsing epg and re-entering epg it is still where you left off while browsing , and not relative to the current channel
    C how do I access the time shift where is it located

    • nikman says:

      A) FF/RW keys are used to seek in VOD streams and channels archive. You can use dedicated PageUp/PageDown keys on other controllers or use Left/Right keys if there are no channels groups.
      B) It was always this way. Keeps cursor where you left it while browsing.
      C) If it’s configured correctly, just place cursor on a channel and in context menu select “Archive” item.

      • Will says:

        Is it not possible to configure ff RW to function as page up ndown only in epg mode. Unfortunately fire tv doesn’t have additional buttons

  28. nakti says:

    Can the new version move channels which are added to favorites? So that I can sort them how I want them in favorites?

  29. nakti says:

    Does perfect player work with raspberry pi?

  30. Arunah says:

    EPG has overlayed information on some channels, details on one programme on top of another in the same programme? Please help

  31. Mikko says:


    Will you guys add DVB subtitles for HW? In this beta its avaliable with HW+..

  32. londonsnews says:

    I’m only getting 24 hours of catch-up from my IPTV provider, where they provide 7 through their Kodi app. However, it is a game changer.

  33. Steve says:

    I have noticed slight pixelation on heavy movement in streams from last beat 5 version. I have tried different setting for decoding with no improvement. The pixelation only last for about a half of a sec but it wasnt present in last beta 5 version. Not complaining, just mentioning the issue. It does this on my mi box and memu emulator.

  34. Toni says:

    What is xtream-codes archives and. How to use
    I don t find

  35. Craig Smith says:

    Perfect thanks for adding catchup features. It makes perfect player even more perfect .

  36. Damir says:

    Hi Nikman. I have a sugestion…. can you add a scheme that when the backup file (ppbck) Is clicked. It automaticly loads the preferences into pplayer. It would be usefull when someone is sending their configuration to anorher device… so that we dont go into settings and search for the backup file? Hope you understand. Hope you reply!

  37. David Hulme says:

    How do you extend the catch up past 24hr of catchup? It would be great if it held at least 7 days
    Great work loving pp

    • David Hulme says:

      I have asked my provider and they said ask the delveloper. Why can’t you just explain in easy to understand tutorial for catchup

  38. Fred says:

    Having problem here that it stops playing channels after zapping a little.
    When that happens the only thing that helps is closing app and starting again then it works for a while before same thing happens.
    Same thing seems to happen on both phones, tablets and android tv boxes.

    • nikman says:

      1. Is this happening on beta only or on v1.4.2 release also?
      2. What decoder is selected in Settings->Playback->Decoder?

  39. Vitalii says:

    After using player for a while, my mouse cursor disappear so I have to reboot TV box every time I need to use mouse again.

    Android 6.0.1

  40. WyRm says:

    How do you download the beta’s I been looking and can not find a way.

  41. g says:

    yes can you post the download link please. The one above is the standard one.

  42. Brandon says:

    Anyway you can display video information (such as fps, mbp/s, resolution data etc). I would LOVE to be able to see what FPS the feeds are coming in at.

    In Kodi I can watch hockey/sports and can tell the feed is 60 fps, however; in Perfect Player it appears as if the same feed displays in 30 fps (as it is choppier). I can’t understand why.

    • nikman says:

      You should try different decoders to find the most usable for your specific configuration.

      Also, you can see some info in video options window.

      • Brandon says:

        Wouldn’t the Auto decoder (default setting) be the best one to use? I haven’t played with them enough but I figured Auto would pick the most suitable one based on the stream.

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