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Android version 1.3.4 released

Change log v1.3.4: Saving selected audio track Showing audio track info (Hardware/Software/HW+) Audio shift option (Hardware/Software) “Silent” stream reconnection on connection lost Fixes

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Android version 1.3.3 released

Change log v1.3.3: Selectable Decoder for individual channels, VODs and local video files (in context menu) Changing default Decoder in Settings without having to restart the app Added volume boost feature, available with Hardware and Software decoders Custom EPG shift … Continue reading

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Android version 1.3.2 released

Change log v1.3.2: Show playlist number of selected channel for multiple playlist configuration Assigning logos from a local directory in Logos assign mode (Logos directory checkbox in channels context menu) Added the ability to set specific User-Agent for playlist downloading … Continue reading

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Android version 1.3.1 released

Change log v1.3.1: Added Groups management mode (Settings -> Advanced) GUI optimizations Shortcuts: W – next aspect ratio, T – next subtitles Added Hungarian localization Fixes

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Android version 1.3.0 released

Change log v1.3.0: Added Backup/Restore settings feature Improved Android 6 support Added new Decoder HW+ (with subtitles support) Added the ability to enter PIN code by means of RC number keys Fixes

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Android version 1.2.13 released

Change log v1.2.13: Added VOD playlists support: Set VOD checkbox in playlist’s settings Select VOD item from the Sources window Added seeking ability for VOD channels Added Notify of an EPG programme feature: Use long pressing of Left/Right keys to … Continue reading

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Android version 1.2.11 released

Change log v1.2.11: Added ‘Android TV’ support Improved playback stability and performance Fixed crashes Fixed deinterlace Added Arabic and Albanian localizations Other improvements and fixes

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Perfect Player (Android) video tutorial 1

Perfect Player (Android) tutorial 1 – Setup IPTV playlist In this tutorial you can find Perfect Player initial setup and basic usage. The video shows how to add IPTV playlist, assign missed logos, add EPG source, assign missed EPG data, … Continue reading

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Android version 1.2.8 released

Change log v1.2.8: Full Version purchase fix Change log v1.2.7: Greatly improved internal EPG implementation Immediate EPG showing on app startup or playlists refresh Added new default EPG download case: Download if no data on current date Added full RTL … Continue reading

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Android version 1.2.4 released

Change log v1.2.4: Improved channels groups user interface Added Show channels groups as folders option in Settings Fixed updating of EPG in JTV format with Download once a week case

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