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Perfect Remote 1.0.6 released

Change log v1.0.6: Extended EPG (TV program guide) support is added Minor bug fixes

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Android version 1.4.3 beta7

Change log v1.4.3b2: Added DVB subtitles support (HW+) Saving selected subtitles track (HW, SW, HW+) Improved subtitles rendering Switching next/previous channel relatively to the currently playing channel Ch+/Ch- keys acts as PageUp/PageDown when media list is showing Added “description” M3U … Continue reading

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Rate our apps

Please, rate our apps on app stores: Perfect Player on Google Play Store Prefect Remote on Google Play Store Perfect Player on Amazon App Store Perfect Remote on Amazon App Store Thank you for helping us improve our apps!

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Perfect Remote 1.0.5 released

Change log v1.0.5: Channel icons display German localization Option to force full playlist refresh

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Perfect Remote on Amazon AppStore

Perfect Remote app is now available on Amazon AppStore.

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Android version 1.4.2 released

Change log v1.4.2: Added smooth seeking for videos and channels archive Use “FF”/”RW” keys for seeking Improved “Perfect Remote” app support (logos) Added TXT subtitles support for Hardware and Software decoders Fixed volume controls handling for SONY BRAVIA pre M … Continue reading

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Perfect Remote translation

Hi! You are welcome to help with Spanish, Italian or other language translation of the Perfect Remote app: Please, send your translations to: Thanks!

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Perfect Remote 1.0.4 released

Change log v1.0.4: Search in playlist Autorepeat volume and up/down buttons (press-and-hold) Swipe down to force playlist refresh (regularly it is refreshed automatically) Bugs and stability fixes

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Android version 1.4.1 released

Change log v1.4.1: Improved “Perfect Remote” app support (EPG, groups, sorting, stability) Fixed volume control for all Android TV devices (recent firmare update issue) Decreased UDP streams startup latency with Hardware and Software decoders Fixes and improvements

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Android version 1.4.0 released

Change log v1.4.0: Added “Perfect Remote” support – Remote Control app for Perfect Player Added “Hide/Show group” option in “Groups management mode” Auto confirm EPG notification after 15 sec timeout Extended EPG info font size according to selected font size … Continue reading

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