IPTV catchup/archive settings for Perfect Cast

Perfect Cast IPTV app (1.1.14 and higher) supports IPTV catchup/archive configuration. Go to app settings -> Playlist * -> configure archive type and (for certain types) archive config string.

Currently the following archive types can be specified:

  • Xtream Codes – Xtream-Codes server, config string can be specified (optionally) to set additional time shift in hours, i.e.: -3
  • UTC/LUTC – no need to set config string
  • Default config string must be configured, it completely describes archive URL
  • Append – config string must be configured, it describes part of URL that will be added at the end of channel URL

If “Default” or “Append” type is specified archive configuration string must be be also specified. Those options are for advanced users only.

I.e. suppose archive type is set to “Append”, configuration string example:



  • ${start} – replaced by archived TV program start time in Unix Timestamp Format (seconds from 01.01.1970)
  • ${timestamp} – replaced by current time in Unix Timestamp Format

NOTE: UTC/LUTC archive type is the same as Append with config string: ?utc=${start}&lutc=${timestamp}

Obviously, new catchup types will be added in the next app releases.

If you can provide us with a temporary server account with a new catchup type, this will be used to test and implement it in the next app updates. Thanks for your support!

2 Responses to IPTV catchup/archive settings for Perfect Cast

  1. fawzib says:

    how to set timeshift for Xtream Codes since it is always way off?
    i can either edit the m3u file or set it in perfect player. epg shows correct time.
    please utilize player_api.php to grab the current time the server use and grab the current time on the android device and use the difference to offset catchup.

    • Lynn La VitaL says:

      I had a similar problem with my FireTV. I follow this sequence every time I close FireTV.

      1. Disconnect VPN, 2. Close FireTV. 3. Restart FireTV. 4. Connect VPN.
      To check time and date:
      FireTV Setting > Preferences > Time Zone. You’ll see the correct time and date. This should fix your EPG time.

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