IPTV catchup/archive settings for Perfect Cast

Perfect Cast IPTV app (1.1.6 and higher) supports IPTV catchup/archive configuration.

Catchup configuration can be specified in the end of playlist URL. Example:

http://site.com/playlist.m3u | catchup="append" catchup-source="?timeshift=${start}&timenow=${timestamp}"


  • catchup – catchup type
  • catchup-source – URL or a part of URL used to generate archive URL

Catchup types:

  • defaultcatchup-source tag completely describes archive URL
  • appendcatchup-source tag value will be added at the end of channel URL to get archive URL
  • xc – ‘Xtream-Codes’ server (catchup-source can be used to manually set additional time shift in hours)

Catchup source variables:

  • ${start} – archive start time in Unix Timestamp Format (seconds from 01.01.1970)
  • ${timestamp} – current time in Unix Timestamp Format

More examples

Channel archive URL is completely defined in the catchup-source:

http://site.com/playlist.m3u | catchup="default" catchup-source="http://site.com/archive/12.m3u8?timeshift=${start}&timenow=${timestamp}"

Channel archive URL is appended to the end of the channel live stream URL:

http://site.com/playlist.m3u | catchup="append" catchup-source="?timeshift=${start}&timenow=${timestamp}"

Xtream Codes example (with -2 hours shift):

http://site.com:8000/get.php?username=X&password=X&type=m3u_plus&output=ts | catchup=xc catchup-source="-2"

Obviously, new catchup types will be added in the next app releases.

If you can provide us with a temporary server account with a new catchup type, this will be used to test and implement it in the next app updates. Thanks for your support!

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