Catchup settings

Perfect Player IPTV app (v1.4.3b5 and higher) supports such catchup tags:

  • catchup – catchup type
  • catchup-source – URL or a part of URL used to generate archive URL
  • catchup-days – the number of archived days on the server (default is not limited)

Catchup types:

  • defaultcatchup-source tag completely describes archive URL
  • appendcatchup-source tag value will be added at the end of channel URL to get  archive URL
  • xc – ‘Xtream-Codes’ server (catchup-source can be used to manually set additional time shift in hours)
  • ez-ts – ‘Ezserver’ time-shift (catchup-source must contain DVR buffer size in minutes; catchup-days tag is ignored)

Catchup source variables:

  • ${start} – archive start time in Unix Timestamp Format
  • ${timestamp} – current time in Unix Timestamp Format


Catchup tags can be specified in playlist URL:|catchup="append" catchup-source="?timeshift=${start}&timenow=${timestamp}" catchup-days="5"|catchup=xc|catchup=ez-ts catchup-source=240

in playlist header:

#EXTM3U catchup="append" catchup-source="?utc=${start}&lutc=${timestamp}"

and for each individual channel in playlist:

#EXTINF:0 catchup="default" catchup-source="${start}&lutc=${timestamp}" catchup-days=3,Channel1

Obviously, new catchup types will be added in the next app releases.

If you can provide us with a temporary server account with a new catchup type, this will be used to test and implement it in the next updates. Thanks for support!

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22 Responses to Catchup settings

  1. Xhoan Lee says:

    nichmann I have been waiting for the catchup for a while sofar and I can provide you access to my server and the necessary urls that xtream-codes use. I have written you loads of time: Just drop me a message if you are interested or reply to my emails that I sent you

  2. david234 says:

    i am want your work playlist please sent to

  3. Will says:

    Hey nikman. First impressions of catch up are positive .
    One thing I’d like to recommend is to add a symbol(or signifier) to channels which have catch up . It is never the case that all channels have catch up in iptv . This will let the user know a channel has the ability or not .

    Awesome work man

  4. DJSanyok says:

    Excellent! All works perfect 🙂

  5. Arunah says:

    What do I need to add to catchup=xc to increase number of days to catchup? TIA

    • nikman says:

      If you don’t pass catchup-days tag, then the number of days will be only limited by EPG data.
      I.e. the number of days for past programs that are stored in the EPG.

      • Arunah says:

        Hi Nikman, sorry I don’t understand. Could you please explain some more. Thanks

        • nikman says:

          You can download your EPG and see in a text editor the date range of programs data.

          • David Hulme says:

            Sorry so what do we do to extend catchup to 7 days |catchup=catchup-days”7”

  6. Awesome update. Makes this app the best on the market for IPTV now hands down. Would love to see a symbol besides the channels with catchup, and to be able to access the archive box from full screen play (via the small quick settings floating toolbar that pops up)

  7. bsmajgel says:

    Hi, i have bought Perfect player on Amazon and i have still unlock full version, can you help me? Can you make give one funktion Video calibration like Kodi has. Thnx

    • nikman says:

      If you have issues with Full version activation, try to restart device/app. Start Amazon appstore app just before Perfect Player after reboot.

      I was told Fire TV devices has internal video calibration feature for all apps.

  8. Dave1 says:

    Hi, do you have basic instructions on how to set up catch up tv in PP for my IPTV provider, Ace tv?


  9. James says:

    Is there anyway to extend number of catchup days for XC catchup types from existing 24hrs?

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