Catchup settings

Perfect Player IPTV app (v1.4.3b5 and higher) supports such catchup tags:

  • catchup – catchup type
  • catchup-source – URL or a part of URL used to generate archive URL
  • catchup-days – the number of archived days on the server (default is not limited)

Catchup types:

  • defaultcatchup-source tag completely describes archive URL
  • appendcatchup-source tag value will be added at the end of channel URL to get  archive URL
  • xc – ‘Xtream-Codes’ server (catchup-source can be used to manually set additional time shift in hours)
  • ez-ts – ‘Ezserver’ time-shift (catchup-source must contain DVR buffer size in minutes; catchup-days tag is ignored)
  • flussonic – ‘Flussonic’ server (TS/HLS auto detection)
  • fs – ‘Flussonic’ server (TS protocol)

Catchup source variables:

  • ${start} – archive start time in Unix Timestamp Format
  • ${timestamp} – current time in Unix Timestamp Format
  • ${offset} – offset from current time in seconds
  • ${(b)…} – start in local time (… can be: yyyy, MM, dd, HH, mm, ss, UTF – Unix Timestamp Format)
  • ${(bu)…} – start in UTC
  • ${(e)…} – stop in local time
  • ${(eu)…} – stop in UTC
  • ${(n)…} – current time in local time
  • ${(nu)…} – current time in UTC
  • ${(bu+3)…} – start time in UTC with +3 hours time zone shift
  • ${(d)…} – duration (… can be: M – all minutes, S – all seconds, h – hours, m – minutes, s – seconds)


Catchup tags can be specified in playlist URL:|catchup="append" catchup-source="?timeshift=${start}&timenow=${timestamp}" catchup-days="5"|catchup=xc|catchup=ez-ts catchup-source=240|catchup=append catchup-source=?playseek=${(bu)yyyyMMddHHmmss}-${(eu)yyyyMMddHHmmss}

in playlist header:

#EXTM3U catchup="append" catchup-source="?utc=${start}&lutc=${timestamp}"

and for each individual channel in playlist:

#EXTINF:0 catchup="default" catchup-source="${start}&lutc=${timestamp}" catchup-days=3,Channel1

Obviously, new catchup types will be added in the next app releases.

If you can provide us with a temporary server account with a new catchup type, this will be used to test and implement it in the next updates. Thanks for support!

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126 Responses to Catchup settings

  1. Xhoan Lee says:

    nichmann I have been waiting for the catchup for a while sofar and I can provide you access to my server and the necessary urls that xtream-codes use. I have written you loads of time: Just drop me a message if you are interested or reply to my emails that I sent you

  2. david234 says:

    i am want your work playlist please sent to

  3. Will says:

    Hey nikman. First impressions of catch up are positive .
    One thing I’d like to recommend is to add a symbol(or signifier) to channels which have catch up . It is never the case that all channels have catch up in iptv . This will let the user know a channel has the ability or not .

    Awesome work man

    • marco92200 says:

      do what i do. lock the channel. it gives the symbol you’re looking for and it still plays it. i dont know what locking the channel does yet but ill come back to you once i find out

  4. DJSanyok says:

    Excellent! All works perfect 🙂

  5. Arunah says:

    What do I need to add to catchup=xc to increase number of days to catchup? TIA

    • nikman says:

      If you don’t pass catchup-days tag, then the number of days will be only limited by EPG data.
      I.e. the number of days for past programs that are stored in the EPG.

      • Arunah says:

        Hi Nikman, sorry I don’t understand. Could you please explain some more. Thanks

        • nikman says:

          You can download your EPG and see in a text editor the date range of programs data.

          • David Hulme says:

            Sorry so what do we do to extend catchup to 7 days |catchup=catchup-days”7”

  6. Awesome update. Makes this app the best on the market for IPTV now hands down. Would love to see a symbol besides the channels with catchup, and to be able to access the archive box from full screen play (via the small quick settings floating toolbar that pops up)

  7. bsmajgel says:

    Hi, i have bought Perfect player on Amazon and i have still unlock full version, can you help me? Can you make give one funktion Video calibration like Kodi has. Thnx

    • nikman says:

      If you have issues with Full version activation, try to restart device/app. Start Amazon appstore app just before Perfect Player after reboot.

      I was told Fire TV devices has internal video calibration feature for all apps.

  8. Dave1 says:

    Hi, do you have basic instructions on how to set up catch up tv in PP for my IPTV provider, Ace tv?


  9. James says:

    Is there anyway to extend number of catchup days for XC catchup types from existing 24hrs?

  10. Clive Browne says:

    can you use catchup if you filter your url via xtream?

  11. bdguth07 says:

    How would I do a timeshift of 1 hour for the XC catchup type? I have an issue where when I go to play the archive, that I have to fast forward for 60 minutes to get to the program that I want to catch up on. Any ideas? Thanks!

  12. Will says:

    A popular iOs app also had their catchup restricted to epg data on xtream-codes . Recently they switched “will load directly from api” thus making catchup for the whole 7 days instead of 1 . Would you be able to implement this?

  13. AL says:

    How can I fast forward or rewind watching a program on catchup? Can I use a regular remote control if so, please let me know how.

    Thank you for your great work.

    • nikman says:

      You can use “Left”/”Right”/”RW”/”FF” keys for seeking and “Up”/”Down” keys for larger seeking.

      • AL says:

        Thank you.

        I noticed quite a big audio lag while I was watching soccer on catchup.
        Is that something that can be fixed?

        I recall that kodi has a feature that you can adjust the audio lag. Could something like this applied to perfect player? Just a thought.

        Thanks again.

        • nikman says:

          1. You can try to select different decoder
          2. With Hardware and Software decoder you can set “Audio shift” in video options

          • AL says:

            Appreciate the quick response.

            FYI: I also noticed that the lagging was due to the internet connection. For some reason the connection was fluctuating. I reset the router and everything went back to normal.

            In my previous question regarding the remote control, I assume the remote control has to be on the same wireless network for it to work with the perfect player which is installed on my android box? Am I correct?

          • nikman says:

            Yes. Perfect Remote and Perfect Player IPTV apps must work in the same network to communicate.

          • nikman says:

            However, you can try Perfect Remote v1.1.1a1.
            You can set player’s IP-address manually – so, this should work even if apps are in different networks.

  14. Steve says:

    I have the archive section and when I click on a channel I can see the catch up programmes. But when I click on one of the programs they won’t play. Is there something else I need to do. I have the free version. Thank you very much.

  15. Brian W says:

    Is catchup available on the Windows version of Perfect Player or is it only on Android?

  16. marco92200 says:

    Quick question when I try to do the catchup in kodi with vader streams it works perfect but when I try I do the backup within perfect player it’s glitchy and stutters every second while audio is repeating

  17. Mark says:

    Hi Do I have an earlier version of Perfect Player do I have to unl.oad
    it to instal a newer version??

  18. Steve says:

    Nikman can you give me laments terms how to make 14 days catchup appear? I just can not figure it out from the above.

  19. How do you exit the software when running in fullscreen mode?

  20. Will says:

    Would you be willing to work on fixing the catchup issue for Fab IPTV? Currently we only get 24 hours catchup but using other apps Fab users get 2-7 days depending on the channel. I read in their forums that an admin said if Perfect Player is reading from the epg URL, it’ll be limited. That’s because a separate URL in a different API is required for more than 24 hours and the API for that for Fab is public.

    • Will says:

      Any thoughts on this @nikman? Would be great for so many users especially those of us that bought the full version. Thanks!

      • nikman says:

        Did they provide you with any documentation?

        We know the issue and it’s in our plans to improve.

        • Will says:

          They didn’t provide documentation but sounded like they are very willing to help if needed. I know they said the API that had the info was publicly available. If there’s anything I can do please let me know. Thanks!

  21. nikman says:

    Probably, in the future app updates.

    • Kirk Duncan says:

      Nikman: Can i shorten my URL then add catchup=xc after its shortened?

      • nikman says:

        Yes. It is possible.

        • Kirk Duncan says:

          ok done that, while your online, then what do i do to get catchup, my provider has catchup on the stb so will it naturally be on this? If not what do i send him or tell him to do as i know he´ll be keen, thanks in advance

          • nikman says:

            You can try it for a start.
            Then you can ask your provider if their server do supports and provides “Xtream-Codes” catchup feature.

          • Kirk Duncan says:

            yeah i am trying to try it but dont know what im supposed to be looking for to be honest, my provider is with xtream codes yes and we do have catchup on the stb emu, but if im honest hes not very technical lol, i have to point him in the right direction with most things 😉

  22. Naz says:

    dear Sir/ madam Can you advice me from where I can download a free EPG for perfect player on an android tv box? Thank you Naz.

  23. Naz says:

    Dear Sir/Madam I live in the UK and have got an M3U list of different channels from different parts of the world Asia, Europe, USA etc.. on my Perfect Player on my android tv receiver, I am looking for a free EPG which will match my EPG you gave a link What is EPG and where can I get it and I have tried all the EPGS in the UK section but non of them work I have also looked at Webgrab +Plus but I find it very confusing and I do not understand, it it is too technical for me ,I am only an end user.

    Is it possible you can find a Free EPG which can match my M3U iptv list which has many international channels?

    Thank you

  24. Naz says:

    Dear Sir /Madam I have perfect player on my android tv receiver and I have a long list of Pakistani channels M3u list but non of the UK EPG links provided on this website match my M3u list.

    The M3u list provider say they do not provide a EPG and I am looking for a free EPG which will match my Pakistani tv list, can you help?

    Thank you


  25. Ward Roberts says:

    i’m using the new generation fire TV I have loaded perfect player version 1.4.3 I followed all your instructions through my provider put all my catch-up information and I show the catch up information on channels but when I navigate to play one it goes right back to the EPG guide or if I have a current live channel running it goes back to just show the current channel. My question is on the fire TV remote how do I access those catch up programs?

  26. thewragg says:

    Hi Nikman,

    Is there any tutorial how to use this feature? I assume that I have to scroll through epg with long press left/right on my remote to access wanted show but how to proceed with watching catch up? When I press ok, I‘m getting current live channel, and long press ok is menü.

  27. Jeffrey F Cristobal says:

    I did the |catchup=xc at the end of my Playlist It does show archive on the menu and channels when I click on them. But, none of the channels seems to work I just get the slinking red circle Can you help me

    • nikman says:

      Make sure that your provider has enabled catchup feature for the channels you are trying to see archive.

      • Mya Gold says:

        He has. Catchup works in every other app and APK except Perfect Player- that’s what’s so interesting about this. We need your help. Any suggestions or thoughts that can help?

        • nikman says:

          Try to select different decoder.
          Do you have EPG configured on the channels – window with archived programs appears when you select “Archive” item in context menu?

  28. Mya Gold says:

    Just to clarify-both Jeff and I use the same IPTV provider. The service enables catch up, and catchup works on every streaming device using any other program. We love Perfect Player and want to see it work.

  29. Mya Gold says:

    I have tried every decoder available (Hardware, HW+, Software, etc) but none of them work. The EPG is configured in the channels. When you select “Archive” on any catch up channel, a window opens up listing the available shows for the past 3 days. When you select any show to watch, you get the red spinning circle. Please help.

  30. Patrick says:

    I’ve also tried different decoders. Also left it on auto so it would cycle each decoder. Get the red circle. I’ve tried different players thinking that might help. It didn’t. I’m at a loss on why it doesn’t work. PP with other iptv’s work with catchup.

    • nikman says:

      You should ask your IPTV provider does he use Xtream-Codes and has activated catchup service for what channels.

  31. Patrick says:

    I’ll ask about the Xtream-Codes. I already have a list of the channels currently activated for catchup. One user in the group is using a Nvidia Shield and says he has catchup working with pp using same iptv service. I’m using a firestick. I’ve tried using pp with my v30 and catchup didn’t work.

  32. Ivy says:

    i used the xc and it does display the previous shows,however it will not play anything from previous times? any help would be appreciated?

    • nikman says:

      Please, ask your IPTV provider if he supports catchup, its type and on what channels.

      • gh541 says:

        Same issue here as all the others. I have several different providers, and catchup for these provides works in EVERY other player except Perfect Player. The shows appear under ‘archive’, but when you select one, you get the red circle.

        This is a Perfect Player issue, not a IPTV provider issue.

        • nikman says:

          Try to select different Decoder in Settings->Playback->Decoder.
          Make sure that archive/catchup is enabled by provider for the channels you are trying to play archive.

  33. Panos says:

    Will these catchup settings work with any m3u? Im using iplaytv for appletv

  34. Owen says:

    Hi, catchup working fine on my android device but with same settings it won’t work on 2nd gen firestick. I can get to archive on fire stick and select archive program but then just goes back to live stream. Any ideas? Is catchup working for 2nd gen fire stick?

    • nikman says:

      Try to select different Decoder in Settings->Playback->Decoder.

      • Owen says:

        Tried that. Still nothing. Works fine with identical setting on android, but not on 2nd gen fire stick. Any other ideas?

  35. Steve Lowe says:

    Hello, I have Prime Streams IPTV installed on perfect player on a 4k Firestick. It works fine. I added catch up Icatchup=xc at the end of my playlist and it loads and show up in archive But all I get is a red circle. The provider says catch up is operational but they do not support it. They leave it to the customer to research it and set up them selves. Programs are there but wont play. Can you help. Thanks.

  36. montasar meselmani says:

    hi ,

    is it possible to add support to flussonic catchup and hls play with pause and rewind function
    flussonic use url like :



    http://serverip:port/channelname/rewind-3600.m3u8 for playing live stream with one hour rewind possibility

    i can give you dvr archive access for testing

    best regards

  37. Lukasz says:

    Hi, I am trying to configure catchup function but my provider needs different archive time marking than Unix Timestamp Format.
    I need ask about time as “&start=2019-03-03:17-30” (RRRR-MM-DD:hh-mm).

    Is it possible to generating that type of time marking in Perfect Player?

    • nikman says:

      You should try to add “|catchup=xc” at the end of your playlist URL or set “XC” as playlist format.

      • Lukasz says:

        Thanks, it is simply and works. I have one more problem now, Archive of one channel is available for SD version only but in my custom list i have HD version only. Can I add archive source of SD channel under my HD channel (EPG is exactly the same). I have tried with catchup-source=”video_path_to_SD” or catchup-source=”video_path_to_SD?utc=${start}&lutc=${timestamp}” on this channel definition in my playlist but it doesn’t work.

        • nikman says:

          You IPTV provider should enable archive support for SD channels also to be able to play their archive.

          • Lukasz says:

            I can add to my list both version of this channel and use one for watching and another for archive but i wouldn’t like to have it doubled. I thought that it will be possible to add other source of archive for individual channel.

          • nikman says:

            You can’t do this for XC catchup type.

      • Steve says:

        I have added |catchup=xc to end of playlist url. Archive appears on menu and the catchup list loads and shows but the programs won’t play. Setting format to xc removes archive from menu. I think it’s close

        • nikman says:

          Not all channels might have archive enabled. Try to select “XC” playlist format in “Settings->General->Playlist->XC” – this will show archive icon for the channels with archive.

          • Steve says:

            Thanks for the reply Nikman. Tried the xc format & checked most channels, still no luck. Like I said before., catchup seems to load/populate with |catchup=xc but won’t play. Still toying with it on this end

  38. Tig. says:

    What device are you using Steve, on pre 4K firestick and 4K fire box you may have to switch decoder to HW+

    • Steve says:

      Have Perfect Player on both 4K Firestick, Nvidia Shield, and 2nd Gen Firestick on different TV’s

      • Tig. says:

        Catchup works fine from my supplier without changing decoder on 4K stick and Mi Box, but I have to use HW+ on 2nd gen stick and 4K box

  39. Ade says:

    Hello if i use my m3u url with iptv smarters i get 4 days catchup, however with perfect player in archive after adding |catchup=xc to end of my m3u i only get 1 day. can someone help with this

  40. Lukasz says:

    Hi Nikman, I have one more question. If I use playlist link from my iptv provider end select XC format everything works fine and I have archive button on the channels with archive enabled. The problem is when I want to modifie playlist to cut a lot of not used channels and I use list from modified file on my server. Then I don’t have access to the archive. Even if I use for playlist exact the same file generated by provider server still archive doesn’t work. Why it happen in this way? I know that can add catchup=XC after the list name but than archieve icon is visible on all channels and I don’t know where it is really enabled by provider and where not.

  41. Yang says:

    Hi Nikman, I am trying to configure catchup function but my provider needs different archive time marking than Unix Timestamp Format.
    I need ask about time as “&playseek=20200202193000-20200202200000” the archive start time and current time format is(RRRRMMDDhhmmss).

    Is it possible to generating that type of time marking in Perfect Player?

    • nikman says:

      I don’t think it’s possible right now. Any specs/name for the server?

      • Yang says:

        Thank you for the replying.
        It is a common catch-up format for the IPTV in China.Just adding the tag value at the end of channel URL.

  42. Franky says:

    hello nickman, I´d like to ask you, my ott providers support catchup and I want to use it on perfect player.
    The url of archive ends m3u8?start=1596885300&stop=1596888900 (as example, it use Unix Timestamp Format).
    What I have to write in playlist (catchup=default) if I want to use it in Perfect player?

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