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Another video review

Another Perfect Player video review by UnisexTech

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Arabic video review

Nice Arabic PC Perfect Player video review by

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Running under Linux

Tried to run Perfect Player under Linux. I used: Ubuntu 12.04 wine (tried 1.4, 1.6 and 1.7) at WINEARCH=win32 winetricks To run the program it is need to be installed WMP10 (or 9). The best way to install it is … Continue reading

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Hardware acceleration

In order to play videos nice and smooth program attempts to use graphics card’s hardware acceleration. To check whether it uses acceleration press o key: Program can automatically detect hardware acceleration abilities for Nvidia and AMD cards. But for some (mostly … Continue reading

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Keyboard shortcuts

Key Action left, right IPTV: previous/next channels group FILES, PLUGINS playing: small seeking up, down, page up, page down move cursor FILES, PLUGINS playing: big seeking enter select item (play) x stop space pause/play i show/hide playing info bar EPG … Continue reading

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Generating playlist and EPG for XBMC

If you want to generate a playlist or EPG for XBMC then in Properties window: Specify resulting playlist file for XBMC (XBMC playlist) Specify the file in which final EPG will be written (XBMC EPG XMLTV file) – with the extension … Continue reading

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Video reviews

Initial IPTV settings (in English): Basic usage (in Russian):

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