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Perfect Player 1.5.4 beta1

Change log v1.5.4b1: Added Flussonic catchup support (catchup=fs) Added Chinese Simplified localization Improved Chinese Traditional localization Fixes

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Perfect Player 1.5.3 beta3

Change log v1.5.3b3: Fixes Change log v1.5.3b2: Fixed possible crash on minimizing the app Change log v1.5.3b1: Added PiP (Picture-in-Picture) feature on supported devices (available in Full version) Added “Search” feature in series (XC playlist format) Support series without seasons … Continue reading

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Perfect Player 1.5.2 beta4

Change log v1.5.2b4: Fixes Change log v1.5.2b3: Added channels groups sorting into settings backup Fixed sorting of a newly added channels group Improved channel selection by numeric keys Change log v1.5.2b2: Fixed VOD search feature Change log v1.5.2b1: Added channels … Continue reading

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Perfect Player 1.5.1 beta5

Change log v1.5.1b5: Improved “Graphite” theme performance Change log v1.5.1b4: Expanded additional EPG info window size (“Right” key press during playback) Change log v1.5.1b3: Added “Info bar position” (Top/Bottom) option for “Graphite” theme (Full version feature) Keep current EPG shift … Continue reading

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Perfect Player 1.5.0 beta2

Change log v1.5.0b2: Fixed XC VOD description encoding issue Fixed “Catchup” for some XC servers Fixes in French translation Change log v1.5.0b1: Improved Xtream-Codes support (change playlist format from “M3U” to “XC” in Settings->General->Playlist->XC) IPTV (Live streams) VOD (Movies) Series … Continue reading

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Perfect Player beta1

Change log v1.4.9.1b1: Added more options to access voice channel search (Full version feature) Long “Right” key press during playback “Search” key press Improved “Catchup” compatibility

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Perfect Player 1.4.9 beta1

Change log v1.4.9b1: Added voice channel search option (Full version feature) “Right” key press when cursor is on “Search channel” item in channels list context menu “Left” key press in “Search channel” window Tap on title of “Search channel” window … Continue reading

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Perfect Player 1.4.8 beta3

Change log v1.4.8b3: Bugfixes Change log v1.4.8b2: Fixes and optimizations Change log v1.4.8b1: Added “Preview” option in channels list context menu Show playing channel preview and additional EPG info in all view modes (Full version feature) Bugfixes

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Perfect Player 1.4.7 beta3

Change log v1.4.7b3: Fixes Change log v1.4.7b2: Improved decoders (Native and HW+) Added theme “Transparency” change (Full version feature) Other fixes and improvements

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Perfect Player 1.4.6 beta4

Change log v1.4.6b4: Fixes Change log v1.4.6b3: Added TV Series support for the Xtream-Codes v2.9+ Go to “Select source” window from main menu to select “Series” item (feedback is welcome) Fixes Change log v1.4.6b2: Added the ability to start Perfect … Continue reading

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