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Perfect Player 1.6.0 beta1

Change log v1.6.0b1: Added channel name aliases support for XMLTV EPG Added up-to Android 11 support Fixes Known issue: Still not fixed startup crash issue on Amazon devices after recent Fire OS update

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Perfect Player 1.5.9 beta3

Change log v1.5.9b3: Added PiP (Picture-in-Picture) Player feature to play secondary channel in a small window (Full version) “PiP” menu is in channels list context menu: Start – play currently selected channel in PiP Stop – stop PiP Switch – … Continue reading

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Perfect Player 1.5.8 beta2

Change log v1.5.8b2: Added ‘Audio shift’ option in HW+ decoder Change log v1.5.8b1: Updated Hardware and Software decoders Changed: EPG ‘Download at each update’ option downloads EPG only if EPG file was updated on the server Added ‘Flussonic’ catchup support … Continue reading

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Perfect Player 1.5.7 beta2

Change log v1.5.7b2: Added software audio decoding in HW+ decoder(for devices without hardware audio decoding support) Improved network stability in HW+ decoder Fixes Change log v1.5.7b1: Updated HW+ decoder Added HTTPS protocol support for Hardware and Software decoders Fixes Requires … Continue reading

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Perfect Player 1.5.6 beta3

Change log v1.5.6b3: Logos from EPG supported Added the ability to select logos sourcesSettings->Advanced->Logos sources Playlist Logos directory EPG Logos assignments from a local directory is also availableSettings->General->Logos directory Fixes Change log v1.5.6b2: Fixes Change log v1.5.6b1: Terms of Use … Continue reading

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Perfect Player 1.5.4 beta1

Change log v1.5.4b1: Added Flussonic catchup support (catchup=fs) Added Chinese Simplified localization Improved Chinese Traditional localization Fixes

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Perfect Player 1.5.3 beta3

Change log v1.5.3b3: Fixes Change log v1.5.3b2: Fixed possible crash on minimizing the app Change log v1.5.3b1: Added PiP (Picture-in-Picture) feature on supported devices (available in Full version) Added “Search” feature in series (XC playlist format) Support series without seasons … Continue reading

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Perfect Player 1.5.2 beta4

Change log v1.5.2b4: Fixes Change log v1.5.2b3: Added channels groups sorting into settings backup Fixed sorting of a newly added channels group Improved channel selection by numeric keys Change log v1.5.2b2: Fixed VOD search feature Change log v1.5.2b1: Added channels … Continue reading

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Perfect Player 1.5.1 beta5

Change log v1.5.1b5: Improved “Graphite” theme performance Change log v1.5.1b4: Expanded additional EPG info window size (“Right” key press during playback) Change log v1.5.1b3: Added “Info bar position” (Top/Bottom) option for “Graphite” theme (Full version feature) Keep current EPG shift … Continue reading

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Perfect Player 1.5.0 beta2

Change log v1.5.0b2: Fixed XC VOD description encoding issue Fixed “Catchup” for some XC servers Fixes in French translation Change log v1.5.0b1: Improved Xtream-Codes support (change playlist format from “M3U” to “XC” in Settings->General->Playlist->XC) IPTV (Live streams) VOD (Movies) Series … Continue reading

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