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Perfect Player 1.4.7 released

PerfectPlayer-1.4.7 Download Change log v1.4.7: Improved decoders (Native and HW+) Added option to change theme “Transparency” (Full version feature) Other fixes and improvements Download as APK: PerfectPlayer-1.4.7.apk

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Perfect Player 1.4.6 released

PerfectPlayer-1.4.6 Download Change log v1.4.6: Added new “Emerald” theme Added the ability to start Perfect Player app on TV from Perfect Cast on smartphone Added TV Series support for the Xtream-Codes v2.9+ Go to “Select source” window from main menu … Continue reading

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Perfect Player released

PerfectPlayer- Download Change log v1.4.5.1: Fixed possible app crash Change log v1.4.5: Fast app startup (after second restart) even with a large number of channels (thousands) Significant performance optimizations when scrolling through the channels list Impoved Perfect Cast v1.1.10+ app … Continue reading

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Perfect Cast 1.1.9 released

PerfectCast-1.1.9 Download Change log v1.1.9: Perfect Remote has been renamed to Perfect Cast IPTV archive/catchup support for locally configured playlist (requires additional configuration, check with your IPTV provider) Added ability to play Perfect Player playlist on the local device (continue … Continue reading

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Perfect Player 1.4.4 on Amazon AppStore

Perfect Player v1.4.4 is now available on Amazon AppStore

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Android version 1.4.4 released

Change log v1.4.4: Added option to select buffer size (Hardware, Software, HW+) Added “Channels management mode” to manually sort channels and to sort by name (checkbox in context menu) Added the ability to select specific date and time of channel … Continue reading

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Perfect Remote 1.1.0 released

PerfectRemote-1.1.0 Download Change log v1.1.0: Added Chromecast support (configure playlist in the settings, when selecting TV – select Chromecast and you are ready to cast IPTV) UI optimization for tablets Bug fixes Download as APK: premote-1.1.0.apk

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Android version 1.4.3 released

Change log v1.4.3: Added DVB subtitles support (HW+) Saving selected subtitles track (HW, SW, HW+) Improved subtitles rendering Added support of XMLTV EPG packed with XZ Added support of EPG URL with authentication (http://user:pass@url) Added archive/catchup tags support Added ‘Xtream-Codes’ … Continue reading

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Perfect Remote 1.0.6 released

Change log v1.0.6: Extended EPG (TV program guide) support is added Minor bug fixes

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Android version 1.4.2 released

Change log v1.4.2: Added smooth seeking for videos and channels archive Use “FF”/”RW” keys for seeking Improved “Perfect Remote” app support (logos) Added TXT subtitles support for Hardware and Software decoders Fixed volume controls handling for SONY BRAVIA pre M … Continue reading

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