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    I’ve tried at least 30 iptv apps and PP is my choice but there are two tiny things that might make it even better. First, while viewing a channel, my intuition says that the ‘back’ button should take me back to where i came from which is the epg. If I were making this app from scratch, I’d flip the functions of the ‘enter’ and the ‘back’ button so that ‘enter’ showed the current program details and the ‘back’ button went back to the epg BUT I know that the current users would squeal about the change.
    Second, while viewing, the ‘up’ and ‘down’ keys move in the opposite direction from when you’re in the epg. I never know which key to push to move to the next channel.

    But hey, if those are the only two things i’d like changed then PP is pretty close to perfect. 😉

    P.S. I lied, there is another. I’d also like to integrate various media players like VLC. The native player seems to be slow to start (but maybe the player isn’t the bottleneck)


    “Back” and “Ok/Enter” key actions are taken from the most hardware TV/Sat set-top boxes.

    During playback “Up”/”Down” kays acts as “Ch+”/”Ch-” keys.



    Use PP after 3 others on Sony BRAVIO with ANDROID TV 8
    PP is very good, but interface is not intuitive.
    On Bravia’s remore “Up”/”Down” long press is not catch
    SO I’cant pause the video
    I think:
    1. BACK” button mus return to TVGUIDE and stop video and sound !!
    2. “Up”/”Down” short press go to Menu and point on pause option,
    so next “Up”/”Down” short press pause the video.
    And next “Up”/”Down” short press restart video.
    3. “Up”/”Down” long press may my be good for entering to EPG
    This 3 stops me to buy the app.
    Ready to be a B tester. Boris


    You can use dedicated “Play” and “Pause” keys on the RC to pause the video.

    You should use the app for a while to learn controls and to eliminate habit issues.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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