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    Hi Nick,

    I have a problem with my EPG I have a 24 hours shift so if I look for a program today at 6PM I see the program of yesterday at 6PM.

    I looked manually at the EPG code and everything seem fine, I have also loaded the EPG in another viewer and the display is right with no 24 hours shift.
    Here’s a screenshot to show you the difference between PerfectPlayer display and My Epg/Guide Viewer:

    Here’s the code of the EPG side by side with the program guide on the website of the TV-Station showing that the EPG is fine for 2019-02-05 at 17:45pm.

    In the Perfect Player EPG it is the program for the 2019-02-45 that is showed instead.

    Here’s the link to my EPG in case you need it to reproduce the bug: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g3o2743phhkz5rh/Can_USA_EPG.xml.gz?dl=1

    If you need more information just tell me I will do my best to help you to fix this annoying issue.




    Sorry the first screenshot was the wrong one for Perfect Player, here’s the good one:

    Perfect Player display the programs from yesterday at the same time.



    Can you find for any channel from this EPG:
    – What’s actually on air now (programme title)
    – What’s the date/time now (in your time zone and UTC)
    – The line from EPG file for this programme



    First thanks Nick for your quick reply,

    Yes I can and I will do that tonight in the evening,

    I use WebgrabPlus so tonight I will generate a 24 hours EPG with WGP and will answer to your 3 questions you asked to help you to help me to fix it.



    Right now in Montreal it is 19:46 Eastern time UTC/GMT -5 hours

    Right now on air at “Super Ecran” channel it is: GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN V.F.

    Here’s the EPG source:

      <programme start="20190206191000 -0500" stop="20190206210000 -0500" channel="SE HD">
        <title lang="en">Goodbye Christopher Robin</title>
        <desc lang="en">G.-B. 2017. En 1926, l'auteur anglais A.A. Milne fait paraître les toutes premières aventures de Winnie l'ourson, en s'inspirant des animaux en peluche de son fils Christopher Robin.(c)</desc>
          <director>Simon Curtis</director>
          <director>Domhnall Gleeson</director>
          <director>Will Tilston</director>
          <director>Margot Robbie</director>
          <actor>Domhnall Gleeson</actor>
          <actor>Will Tilston</actor>
          <actor>Margot Robbie</actor>
        <category lang="en">Drame</category>

    Here’s a screenshot of Perfectplayer right now with Super Ecran 1:

    Here’s a link to the EPG file with 4 days of programmation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a9hre1mo1dbi2qw/Can_USA_EPG.xml?dl=1

    Let me know if you need more information.

    Regards !



    So, what’s wrong if on air is the same program that is in EPG?



    You’re right,

    After contacting the EPG provider today they told me they had intermittent errors in the last week with their data providers and that now everything should be alright.

    In the last few days they had ~40% of their guide with a 24 hours offset with bad time stamp, so last night when I posted I was so sure it was PP that was wrong that I did not even see that the schedule was fine and that there was no longer a 24 hours offset.

    Sorry Nick for the false flag.

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