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    Whilst watching catchup.

    If the stream is interrupted by buffering, when the stream restarts, instead of restarting at the point of the buffering, the stream restarts at the initial start point.

    I understand a fix will probably need to be in next update.


    You should try it with different decoder selected.

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    Its a bit long winded to try an get this to repeat as I may only get a stutter on my streams every few hours.

    Anyway you maybe right changing decoder. Changing to software decoder seem to fix the problem, however channel startup and buffering length are much longer with this decoder. Need to repeat this more than the 2 times I have done upto now.

    This is the results on 2017 Nvidia Shield

    Native – Cannot replay catchup (just red circle)
    HW – Stream restarts at beginning after buffering
    HW+ – Stream restarts at beginning after buffering but video is frozen
    SW – Stream restarts at correct point after buffering, however channel startup time is much longer compared to HW and HW+


    Just to add to previous post. Nvidia Sheild easily works with SW decoder as it’s a preety powerful box. However I have a quad core generic android box and SW decode is very poor on that. Not sure how a Firestick would perform as I dont have one.

    In the end it would be nice if HW and HW+ decoders worked in the same manner as SW decoder when it comes to buffering


    Sorry checked five stutters with SW decoder and only one continued correctly. The other 4 times acted same as HW and HW+


    So, I’m on the latest beta. Tried various decoder settings. Tried various |catchup=xc / catchup=default… Same behavior, my catchup plays fine and randomly restarts from the beginning.

    For clarity, I do not have the issue with the native APK from the provider, but I love PP’s interface so much more.

    Any other suggestions Nikman?


    Hey Nikman, I am struggling with Catchup. The provider is no help, so I went digging on my own.
    On the web portal – where the provider can stream right through their website, if I looked at the code on the page where Catcup works fine, I then came up with this line for my m3u file.
    Bottom line is, I still get the red circle. No go!
    #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id=”TLC.us” tvg-name=”TLC” tvg-logo=”https://static.epg.best/us/TLC.us.png” tvg-chno=”24″ channel-id=”24″ catchup-source=”http://URL/username/pass/${offset}/${start}/382545.m3u8″ catchup-days=”4″ catchup=”default” group-title=”Primary”,TLC
    Can you tell me if my interpretation of your Catchup guide seems reasonable?
    I can’t get this to work at all. I know the service is functional, but I can’t get it to work with PP.
    I am a bit confused about how Catcup works. I can’t seem to find any documentation or API or anything. xtreme-codes.com is down. Can’t get to the website either.
    Can you shed some light on how I need to approach this if I provide you with both Live and Catchup URLs for instance?
    Any help would be awesome.


    You should use traffic-analyser software to see the real catchup network requests and then adjust “catchup-source” value to correspond.

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