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    Just FYI;
    – With EPG displayed, and focusing on a channel with a channel name longer than display window, and current program in timeline also with a longer program name than the area to display, the channel name will scroll properly, moving complete text to the left and returning, but the program name will stay in the foreground, while a “ghosted” program description scrolls quickly in the background. Quite illegible!
    – With FS Video displayed, and the on screen display visible, the current program name is correct, but the “Next” program says the current program, not the next in the listing.
    – Channel changes seem slightly slower.
    *But still #1 app (IMO), Thanks.

    (Settings: Graphite & Sky themes used/ Font Large/ Timeout 4/ Paid versions/ XC URL & Local m3u Playlists (separate STB’s))
    ps; Any way to turn off the catchup/archive function?
    Only thing I really do not like, (the way the Left press does not go to last channel)


    Reloaded the apk and the scrolling problem is evident only sporadically now.
    The OSD Next program description problem is gone.


    Probably, there was a bug in EPG file (program duplications), so the next program was the same as current one.

    There is no complete “catchup” disable option. It’s will be available if present in playlist.


    With the PiP function of Firestick 4k… When you press the home button the picture goes into the corner. But PiP is meant to watch 2 streams at one time within the app, no?

    Also, once the picture goes into the bottom right corner, it’s pretty much frozen the stick in place once you click on any other app. Not sure if it’s overloading the stick or not. Can’t even go into settings to restart the stick.

    I’ve reverted back to 1.5.2Final.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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