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    Hi, I have a particular situation.

    My IPTV provider gives me a m3u list that has both live channels and VODs. If I load the playlist directly from the URL he provided (is a xtreams compatible playlist) I can go to sources and select VOD (using this option gives me all VOD content information like moviedb description, rating, etc.

    Now, if I use the same m3u playlist but loaded from a local file or from my own webserver PP will not show me anymore the VOD section in the sources.

    Ths VODs are still there as I can go to them via the live channels groups and play them, but I cannot see and EPG related content and browse like a moviedb catalog.

    I want to use this because I want to trim the list on my own to remove unwanted groups and channels… but even if I use the full playlist copy on a local file or my webserver it will not show VOD source….

    Would like to know why… any configuration I am missing? Don’t want to go and search for another player as I really like PP.



    You can hide some groups/channels in Settings->Advanced->Groups management mode.

    If you want to use local playlists you should add separate ones for channels and VOD.


    Hey tks for quick reply. 🙂

    On hiding the groups I started by doing that but the loading of the playlist is still very slow as is very big. Also I want to edit more like removing channels and reorganizing them inside groups, so I do that via python script editing the playlist.

    On your suggestion for the separate playlist for VOD, I actually did that by loading it and selecting VOD checkbox. Then I can see it in sources but I still cannot see any moviedb related content loaded from the EPG. Without this moviedb content the experience of navigating through the VOD (Movies and Series) is a lot worse and not appealing.

    Any special reason why vODs cannot be automatically identified using my own URL/localfil? I checked the file structure and is exactly as original from my provider server.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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