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    Loving the catchup implementation

    A Few Suggestions

    1) Some ability to automatically mark catch up channels with a symbol. If this not possible then maybe a manual option using context menu. Presently I am locking the channels to distinguish the catch up channels using the padlock icon. I also suppose if the channel doesn’t carry catch up then there is no need to display the archive icon in the context menu.

    2) On the info banner it would be useful if a catchup symbol was displayed next to the play/pause icon as if watching a few hours you forget you are watching catchup.

    3) Whilst in catchup, could the info banner also show the date as well as the time of the stream. I only have 24hr catchup but if this eventually increases to 7 days then we need to know which day we are watching

    4) Rename the “Archive” icon to “Catchup” in the context menu as Archive confuses some people into thinking they are recording the stream.

    5) I would prefer for the catchup stream selection screen to display the epg description of the program (Similar to the “details epg view”

    6) A bit of a longshot but it would be great that instead of watching immediately you can select “View Later” and the program is added to a “Catch up” folder in a similar manner to adding channel favorites. Obviously once stream has expired it will dissappear from the folder. You are not recording anything, just providing a link and timecode.

    Also I just want to say buying this app was the best £2 I ever spent…it’s amazing value for money 🙂



    Thanks for your suggestions!

    Note that info bar’s time line color when in Anchive/Catchup is slightly different.



    Yes that was a little difficult to spot! :0

    Also whilst playing around with settings I noticed if I set decoder to “Native” in main settings all catchup streams stop working? Turning onto “Auto” or any other and they work again… I use ace-tv in the UK for my IPTV



    I noticed if I set decoder to “Native” in main settings all catchup streams stop working

    This could happens if device firmware do not support streams used by your IPTV provider for catchup. However, could work on other devices.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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