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    Hi all,
    I would like to know if is possible change a group channel name and or delete it.
    I try to do but I haven’t find a way ( on android device).
    And Is possible always on android to select more than one channel in the same time and add to the group?




    To remove a group you need to remove all channels from this group.
    You can assign channels of this group to a new group.
    Also, you can reset channel to its default group (taken from playlist) by 2 ways:
    1) Double tap on channel name in Groups management mode
    2) In Groups management mode hide groups window, then press “Ok/Enter” button on channel

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    I’m still not understanding how to delete playlists on AndroidTV. Where is Groups assign mode?



    Settings->Advanced->Groups management mode

    In this mode you can move channels into new or existing groups and also hide groups.



    Hi Nikman

    is it possible to change the channel names? all of my channels have the UK: at the start of them so for instance

    UK:Sky Sports Cricket HD, all i can see on the left hand side is UK: Sky Sprots Cricke

    I cant see the end of the channel name,

    Using nvidia shield

    any help much appreciated!!



    james, you could edit channels names in your playlist or ask your IPTV provider to remove this unnecessary prefixes.



    Hi Nik

    Im using an M3U Url, how would i go about editing my playlist please? or creating a play list? not very clued on the techy parts

    many thanks



    1) Enter playlist URL in any browser to download it as file.
    2) Edit playlist file in text editor to replace “UK: ” with “” (empty string), etc.



    excellent thanks Nik



    So once you download it and change the items that you want to change in your playlist, what are the next steps? If I pay for IPTV services, would the changes that I made be automatically saved every time they update? or will I have to go into the m3u every time something new is added. I would like to do this for VOD and change the way the files are organized. Once the edits have been made, how do I go about getting it back into perfect player on fire stick? Thanks so much!



    or should I just download perfect player for windows and use that? I am on a Mac and wasn’t sure how to even begin to edit my playlist from my provider. a step by step tutorial would be very very helpful. Thank you so so much again!



    you can either manually modify your M3U playlist in text editor or use playlist management services/software (for example, PC version of Perfect Player).

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    Brad Guthrie

    Okay but how would I get it back to Perfect Player on my fire stick? And do I have to update every time my iptv provider makes a change?


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