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    I am using Perfect Player on two different Android boxes and I must be doing something wrong.
    Both are using the same IPTV service (WSS) and the same EPG. On one version, all of the channels are in a single “All Channels” list. On the other, the channels are in groups I can access using the left/right keys e.g. “World Sports” “UK Documentary”
    I want both to have the channels in groups, but I can’t work out what the difference is. As noted, the URL for the channels and the EPG is exactly the same.
    Can anybody help?



    Check that in your playlist URL you are using "type=m3u_plus" instead of "type=m3u"



    Thanks – that fixed it. Apologies for the bother!



    Hi! I am trying a free trial for an IPTV service. And I have channels … but they won’t go into groups, unless I do it myself, one by one.
    The m3u I was given is:

    Does this look okay? And can you suggest what I should do to get Groups?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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