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    Re-arranging channels (moving the channels up or down the list)

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    I forgot to add that this feature is available in the pc version only. I am trying to do it with my android tv box.

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    You can export generated playlist from PC and use it on Android or sync it to Android (IPTV data server).

    On Android version you can set “Adaptive sorting” in context menu – the most watched channels will be at the top of the list.

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    Great that there’s a solution. I use the Android version. If I install the PC version and rearrange the list, will I have to keep the PC application running to feed the Android app the list all the time or is this a one time thing?
    And will I have to do this every time there’s changes in the stream source?

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    PC connection is needed if you want to update any changes in playlist, logos or refresh EPG data.

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    If I export a playlist from PC and load it to Android. Will this use the m3u URL or will I have to export a new list if there are changes?

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    This will generate a playlist that you can use on Android version.
    This playlist won’t be updated according to source playlist changes automatically.

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    Hello Sir,
    Can you add alphabetical sorting to channel lists?

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    Thanks very much for this great application I consider as the best one.
    It would be 100% perfect to me if we could have a way to sort the channels as we wish.
    We can direct work it around by amending the m3u list but it’s not convenient at all, if possible at all. Indeed, in my case, the iptv provider feeds new contents (vod etc.. in regular basis) then I set my private account url to the m3u in perfect player…
    Anyway, would be great if we could sort the channels 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

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    Manual channels sorting and sort by name options will be in the next app update.

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    thats great news! been trying to sort channels for ages 🙂 thanks

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    I edited the providers list on the PC and changed the playlist to look at the file in the settings, but not I have no channels. Is something else required?

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    Hi Niklabs,

    Please, can you expain the procedure how to manually sort (reorder) channels (the fastest way) within channel groups, option that is available in the latest(1.4.4) version ?

    Let say, i want to put a specific channel at a particular possition in the group and save it as such forever(from 5th in the list to 3rd and so on…..) so it always has the same number in the list!

    I know for the option to sort by name under the Channels management mode

    Is this possible ?

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    jaded2, to manually sort channels:
    1. Activate Settings->Advanced->Channels management mode
    2. To move selected channel up/down use “Up”/”Down” keys
    3. To select previous/next channel in the list use “Left”/”Right” keys
    4. Use long “Left”/”Right” key presses to switch channels groups
    5. In channels list context menu use “Save” item to save current channels sorting
    6. Deactivate Settings->Advanced->Channels management mode

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