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    I am using Perfect player on android box and it is great, love the fast loading of channels in the latest version, great update!

    I would love to to have a setting for default subtitle language and audio language where you pre-define the selecte subtitle language and audio languaage. Why do I need this, I change playlists often and every time new playlist is loaded I have to select (swedish) subtitles on every channel that have subtitles, with this setting all channels would get swedish subtitles automaticly.

    There should also be a default audio setting. Why? There are many streams with dual audio. Would be great if I player could play channel with English soundtrack automaticly if it is available in stream. Many times a channels main soundtrack is in a language I do not understand, example russian, but english audio is also available. Would be great if I automaticly would get English sound on those channel.
    There should be a first audio (priority) option and a second audio (secondary) option as I want swedish channels to still have swedish audio and not change to english but every other streams (if available) should change automaticly to English

    H96 Pro Plus android box
    There is a problem with this box, many streems freeze after 3 seconds in HW+ mode and HW+ is the only mode that supports subtitles on this box. Fortunally I found TX9 Pro Firmware that solves the 3 second freeze in most streams in HW+ mode.

    It can be downloaded here:

    TX9 Pro Firmware 3GB/32GB Android 7.1.2 Full Image 20180205


    Thanks for your suggestions and information.

    We will add new features on app updates according to priority.


    This proposed feature is very good! I hope this feature is available in the next updates to Perfect Player IPTV! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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