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    This is an amazing program, just like using a real TV.
    My idea is to play it in a secondary screen while I use the computer on the primary screen but…
    I’m experiencing a weird issue when I choose the secondary screen to display the program.
    First the image does not fit the full screen, I see grey bars down and on the right, I could live with it.
    And the second, is that if I do any click on the primary display the application disappears from the secondary screen.
    My primary screen is 1440p and the secondary screen is 1280×1024(4:3).


    Could you upload “grey bars” screenshot?


    The main issue with dual display is that if you click on the main monitor you loose the application full screen mode on the secondary screen.

    Sorry because the “grey bars” were white and maybe it is an issue with my old VGA monitor.
    I uploaded two pictures.
    Capture 1
    Capture 2
    I made this tests:
    If I put the image only on my primary monitor with 1280×1024 resolution it draws it correctly.
    I tried also to enable only the secondary 1280×1024 monitor as single monitor and it does have the same problem drawing the full screen mode.


    Thanks!! Issue fixed with your suggestion about use the Windowed playback mode!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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