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    I am using Perfect Player on a Android Box (Mi Box) and it works fantastic except it is very hard to navigate the EPG with a remote under the views ‘List’ and ‘Details’.

    Currently, we have to hold left or right for a few seconds to navigate through the EPG with a remote without any air mouse feature.

    The ‘Details’ view would probably work best with a remote as ideally it could be set up as, pressing right in this view takes you into the EPG and to navigate through the EPG you would press up or down. To return to the channels list, all you need to do is press left.

    The ‘List’ view seems hard to use with a remote. The only way I think navigation would be best with this, if EPG is activated is by being already in the EPG. Example, pressing down/up moves channel up and down and pressing left/right navigates through the EPG.

    For the ‘Table’ view, I assume people who use this view don’t really care about a EPG.

    Also, on some skins the transparency is too low and makes it hard to read information when a stream is playing. Is there any way to make it darker on other skins other than Satin? I would just use Satin but it’s pink.. :’D

    Thanks, I hope you find this feedback/idea useful.

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    —forgot to add—

    I know pressing right/left changes the channel groups but that could be switched with – holding left/right for a few seconds which currently moves left/right by one when the EPG is present.

    Two last thing I forgot to ask, if it is possible to have the ‘current channel playing’ be highlighted when you return to the channel list (for easy navigation)? Currently, it will just remember where you last navigated too.

    And the final question is, is it possible to have the clock built into the view layouts? I know you can display the clock in a position on the screen but it overlays over the video stream.

    Anyway, I don’t expect to have anything I say implemented into future builds but Perfect Player is probably the best IPTV app for an Android Box + Remote. It is way better than STB emulators and Kodi which can be frustrating to use for many non-tech people.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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