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    Hi, to all . First Perfect Remote is a very good App.thx

    but i have some problem with EPG. Till 3 days ago epg works fine and no problem, but now he make me cracy. he never download epg data. I try all cancel change epg
    link nothing work. i try force update epg dont work. i dont know more what to do.
    is realy grazy. somebody can help.? some info.?
    i use http://epg.koditvepg.com/it/guide.xml.gz i test also http://www.epg-guide.com/it.gz nothing works.

    greetings to all

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    Looks, like EPG data not up-to-date on server.
    You can wait for data to be updated or find another EPG source.

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    U misspelled the url bro!! That’s why isn’t not working for u!!! All the epg is up to date and running

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    Hi , can you explain me which place is the missspelled in the url written. this
    is not the problem , i think. the prblem is different

    have a nice day to all

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    I have checked the server and it’s working fine! All the country reference arcapital letters! http://epg.koditvepg.com/IT/guide.xml.gz

    And also try http://epg.koditvepg.com/IT/guide.xml

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    Yes i know is working epg , i test again with other App . this is different problem , but i think i find it.

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    So is working now?? would u mind sharing the with us what was wrong?

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    hi , yes i will share it as soon i can write it from home. your epg file is working. In Italian missing only all PREMIUM Canals . regards to you for great job. i am at work in the moment. thx ron

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    Great! this is not my site or topic, so if u go to koditvepg.com and register on the forum ( create new topic or find Italian section doesn’t matter) and provide me the list of premium channels ( I thought calcio is the premium, sorry!) if I can find reliable source I will add them to the list!

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    i am online on your server

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