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    On some channels the EPG text is overlapped, like it’s trying to put two different show names in one time slot.

    Any details on this issue or ways to resolve it?

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    It is buggy EPG with several programmes at the same time.

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    Any way to fix it, not a major issue. But if can fix, then great

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    This could be a very performance consuming feature.
    It’s better to ask EPG provider to fix the issue or use other EPG sources.

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    I’m having the same problem.

    Epg not legible on some lines because of overlapping of text, then as a result the programme information is sometimes incorrect.

    Is this a perfect player issue? If so, what is the answer. I wasn’t quite sure what you meant by ask the EPG provider….I thought that was perfect player?

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    Tommy, this is the EPG problem.

    You can try to select different view mode in channels list context menu.

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    My EPG guide has overlapping text on the guide. Any solutions?

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    Sorry, have it set on a fire tv

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    This is EPG data problem. You can use other EPG sources.

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    I’ve tried several EPG’s and all have the same problem. Seems to be a perfect player problem. Please help!

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    I’ve tried several EPG’s and all have the same problem

    They all could be created from one base source.

    You can send EPG for testing or switch to different view mode in channels list context menu.

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    Some channels appear to have 2 things over layed unless you scroll to that channel and highlight it then it brings the information forward. So it appears to have the channel information then the same information shifted slightly to a different time and overlayed on it causing a double exposure effect.

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    tried different service providers and i’m still getting epg data overlapp. I know you have said its the iptv providers problem, however if you change the view option to table or details on perfect player the problem disappears? Could you please look at maybe a future fix for the list view and most providers will not change their feed. many thanks

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    The Dude

    Say it’s the IPTV provider one more time; it’s not, it’s perfect player. The EPG in the IPTV’s own player is perfect and uses the same epg.

    Perfect player for PC needs serious improvement; like — Why can’t I sort by channels that have EPG information. PP knows they do, and issues them a check box. Why can’t I search my channels list; so I could type USA, select all -> Add to new group. I literally can’t comb through 7900 channels.

    The software is almost excellent but ends up being terrible because some obvious features that should be in from the first build are still missing.

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