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    Roy Tide

    Hi! I love using your player however after having it for a bit over a month I’ve noticed that there are couple of features missing (or at least I’ve not been able to find them).

    1) I’ve not been able to find how to change the group title. If it’s impossible, this feature should be added.

    2) How is it possible to remove a channel from a certain group, so it’d only appear in All Channels list? I know I can move channels from one group to another, however there is no way I can just remove it or move it to “All Channels” group.

    3) Some of the channels in my playlists appear to be dead. How is it possible to remove (or hide) the channel from the playlist from the player? If it’s not possible, it’d be awesome if you would add it.

    4) There is option to move a channel to a group but not to copy. Why would I need it? Let’s say I have a group with Russian channels, a group with UK channels and a group with Music channels. My playlist has UK’s MTV and Russia’s MTV. I would like for them each to be in their own group as well as in a Music group.

    5) I know it’s possible to shift epg hours. But it only works for the whole EPG, not individual channels. Would be nice if I could shift specific channels. Many of my US and RU channels are out of sinc due to countries being big enough to have different time zones.

    6) When assigning epg or logos, scrolling is super time consuming. With a keyboard I can use Pgup and Pgdn buttons but my media player’s remote has no such buttons. Would be nice if there were onscreen buttons for page up/down.

    Roy Tide

    Oh, and once, I don’t know why, all my channels lost their assigned EPG, so I had to assign them all again. I’m backing up now every time after I change anything, however it would be nice if backup was automatic and the player had a restore from automatic backup.


    1) To change group title, you need to move all channels from this group to another group.

    2) You can restore defaul channel group (or group absence) by tapping on channel name or pressing “Ok/Enter” key when groups list is hidden in “Groups management mode”.

    3) You can move any channels into some “Hidden” group and then “Hide group” in context menu in “Groups management mode”.

    4) A channel can be only in one group (playlist specs).

    5) In “EPG assign mode” you can set additional EPG shift for individual channels in channels list context menu.

    6) You can use vertical scroll bar to scroll view to any desired position.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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