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    Hi Nikman

    Could you explain how to add epg url & channel logo to android version or direct me to a howto.

    many thanks




    Ciao ho seguito il vostro link per aggiungere epg su perfet player iptv ma non va, i loghi sono vecchi non aggiornati,io ho inserito la lista canali italiani m3u.



    Send EPG URL for tests if you have problems.




    Sorry but i am new into iptv. First of all i would like to thank you for this wonderful product!!!

    My problem is regarding the epg. I currently have bought an IPTV service which contains a number of tv stations – an m3u link which contains username and password. I would like to add their epg but i don’t know how. Is it possible to download their epg and how it is going to be updated?

    Sorry to bother you but i don’t know how to do it.




    Chris, you can start from here



    Hi Nik, I’m android Box user,Minix U1, I bought your full app from play store and it’s really a killer app!congrats!only a question,i have already the PC windows version (in office),if I made all my settings (CHANNEL LIST,LOGOS,EPG etc.etc.) in Windows version on PC, can I save on a file and after copy them to the android box (at home)? Yesterday I tried to save the .xml file on a usb pen but when i select “load settings” from the android app and searching from the file in the usb I didin’t find it (but the file is present in the key).
    I use the same IPTV list at office & at home
    Is it my mystake?Is the a way to import the settings?Sorry for my poor english, thank you in advance

    P.s. What is the difference between player HW SW NATIVE & HW+ ???



    There are two options:
    1) Generate playlist and EPG files and then use them on Android as local files.
    2) Use PC version as IPTV data server to transfer (sync) playlist, EPG and logos directly to Android version. Android device must have network connection to PC – preferrably, in one local network.

    FAQ – What are the different Decoder types? (Android)



    hi i also have bought ur app and ist wonderfull… but just can u tell me a working epg URL for german channel?

    and how can i create Groups inside the app`?



    Use Settings->Advanced->Groups management mode to add channels into new or existing groups.



    I have the full version of the app and for some reason the EPG isn’t working.
    I tested in kodi and is working but not in the app. I can send you the EPG link if you want to test it.

    Thanks in advance


    Alan Pee

    I have the same problem with epg url working on the full version of Perfect Player but it works on Kodi. How can I send the url to Niklabs privately for test. I don’t want to post it publicly since it was given to me by provider and I am not sure if they would like me sharing it publicly.




    Hi.i have m3u payed list.the logos channels is ok.i need to add egp url dut i dint have one.can you send me for Greek channels?thnks



    Purchased full android version and got up and running but Perfect Player only discovered epg data to 37 out of over 600 channels. Using a playlist from usaiptv. Any suggestions?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 47 total)

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