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    I have checked the ‘IPTV data server enabled’ button and put the IP address of the computer running Perfect Player into the android app but nothing happens. I update on the app and it says “nothing updated”.

    Is this the correct method or must I specify another path? Do I have to open a certain port?

    In the desktop version I have the playlist open, epg, logos, etc.

    Your help would be most appreciated! 🙂



    You should try it on local network. 10008 port is used.



    Thanks for getting back to me.

    I’m on my local network and I’ve forwarded the port, but still nothing sadly.

    I have no issues with other devices within my local network.



    You don’t need to use port forwarding, if both of your devices are on the same local network and have network interconnection like ping.
    You need to:
    1) On PC version set ‘IPTV data server enabled’ checkbox and restart the app
    2) On Android version set IPTV data server option (not playlist option) to IP-adderess of your PC (for example: – show what you enter here?
    After this playlist/EPG/logos will be transferred to Android.



    I have done as you said and still the result is the same.

    For the IP I enter (which is the PC, according to my router)

    The android device I am trying to transfer to I can transfer files between the two devices with EShare and other applications, so I don’t know why there is an issue here.




    I restarted my PC and router. I opened Perfect Player on my PC, and then opened the app and clicked refresh. On the PC it said it was saving EPG to IPTV data client…but it said again “nothing loaded”

    So I cleared all defaults on the app, and then put the IP again, clicked refresh, and this time it loaded! Excellent!

    I think now I’ll be happy to unlock the full version.



    Some more help needed please!

    I updated the EPG and clicked refresh. Halfway through transferring the data, the app completed the update and said “EPG loaded” even though the data server had not yet finished. So, only half of the updated EPG data is there.

    To get the full update I have to clear all defaults on the app, but as you can imagine doing this every time is annoying as it has to re-load everything.



    “EPG loaded” means that data has not been received and EPG was loaded from previously received data.
    “EPG downloaded” means that EPG data was just recived and loaded.

    I didn’t really understand where you clicked “Refresh” and where you’ve had to reset to defaults on PC or Android? Is this happened again on several consequent updates? What means you’ve updated EPG?



    By refresh I mean the 5th button on the main menu; the two opposite arrows.

    The defaults have had to be reset on the app. The windows version works no problem.

    The EPG wasn’t showing the latest data for several channels, that is why I updated (plus to add some channel logos, too)

    But to get any new data, or to update certain channels, logos, etc, the app defaults have to be reset each time. Yet, the windows version is still working sending the data. It’s as if the app times out before the data is received.

    I tried the app on another android device and get the same issue.



    I can’t reproduce this. How long update on PC takes for you? During what stage on PC you have timeout on Android?
    Try to remove EPG exporting to file, if it takes too long.



    is there any way to make ur pcs address external? that way u can connect to the perfect player server no matter where u are?



    This is purely network issue.


    Reiko IX

    Hello all !
    I’ve recently bought the app in the Play Store to put an Android box connected to my TV and get my IP tv list.

    I’ve downloaded the app on Windows, configured epgs and logos and I don’t know how to send it to my android app.

    I’ve checked the “IpTV Data Server enabled”
    In Android app, I’ve correctly wrote the Ip Adress of my house internet connection…

    And nothing…

    My Android app says ‘no update’

    Please, help me !!!

    (Sorry for my bad english)



    Reiko IX,
    in “IPTV data server” you need to enter IP address of PC where installed PC version of Perfect Player. Check that both devices are connected to the same network.


    Reiko IX

    I tried but it don’t succeed…

    Here’s my properties page on PP

    And, on the Android app, i’ve entered the same ip adress of PC but…
    Each time I restart the app and click on the refresh button, it shows “no update”

    I’m totally lost !

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