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    Hi, i use PP long time now and all time happy.
    But the last Version have may crash and when he load the list very slow. some time when you start pp , he stay on the starting screen and after 3 min he start to download the list. I test other box with old PP and works fine. I don’t know
    what is changed but i have a lot of problems. The list is the same for all 2 boxes.

    regards to all and have a nice day




    You can try to select “XC” playlist format in “Settings -> General -> Playlist -> XC” to improve playlist refresh time.

    You can also try to select different Decoder in “Settings -> Playback -> Decoder” to improve playback experience.

    We’d need step-by-step actions to reproduce the crashing issue to be able to find and fix it.



    hi nik, i try to change make no diff.

    same Box 1 : 4.9xxx loading time 22 sec list
    same box 2 : loading time up to 2 min

    some time box 2 start with starting screen “Perfect player” and need more then 1 min to start to download the list (all 2 mode XC/mu). The crash come when he download the list on the end after he download 2 min he stop nearly the end and then crash down.

    regards ron



    Hi, i de install version 1.5.1 from box 1 and install again old version 1.4. and all work fine on the box. no crash no time delay download list

    regards ronald

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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